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Living essentials – One stop shop for premium packaging eco friendly products



Living essential was coined in the year 2018 by Siddharth Jain to provide eco-friendly premium packaging products all across India. Based in Goregaon West Mumbai, Living essentials is into making paper food boxes and currently they serve as the stockist for corrugated pizza boxes that caters to the maximum pizza outlets in Mumbai for corrugated pizza boxes. Living essential is very soon gearing up to expand its wings in Navi Mumbai with a new branch very soon.

Since the inception of Living Essentials it initially tried its hand in developing edible spoons, a disposable cutlery made of multi grains that could also be eaten and provide as an effective alternative to plastic with a targeted base of premium cafes, 5 star hotels, ice-cream parlour. However, cost was the major constraint in Indian Market so gradually they had to wider their product range to all plastic and paper disposables and food packaging products.

The packaging products are 100% biodegradable and plastic free and Living essentials is increasingly developing to adopt planet friendly operations whenever possible since society and the demand of the customers are increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious. Since nowadays people are becoming more aware of the damage our lifestyles have on our world so this innovative approach by Living Essential is making its brand stand out so that they can create a better tomorrow.

Though plastic ban initiative have been supportive to get these products in the market but the arrival of coronavirus pandemic had brought the economic activity to a near standstill. This had resulted into instability in the market where in Living essentials was forced to change the range of the product. Now living essentials is into manufacturing and supplying of products like wooden spoon, aluminium foil containers, areca spoon, biodegradable bowl, biodegradable forks, biodegradable forks, biodegradable ice cream spoon, biodegradable knife, biodegradable paper bowl, biodegradable straws, food grade cling film, leak proof paper cups and many more.

Being a client centric organisation Living Essentials have unique approach to serve their clients and they aim to develop a strong bond with their clients. They deliver high quality standard products and to ensure it continues to do so they have set up an in house facility segregated into different sections for the convenience in operations. The team at Living Essentials puts great stress on the shared products and packaging related details to make sure the clients are satisfied as they place a higher importance satisfaction than profits alone. Living Essentials identifies their customers and ensures their satisfaction.

 For Packaging and delivery Living Essentials uses world class packaging materials and machines so that there does not exist any damage during its transit. Living Essential has a broad range of networking Pan India and hence they guarantee prompt delivery within the stipulated timeline. This Point of difference has made Living Essentials charted its name in the list of top suppliers and leading sellers all across India.

Claim to Fame – Living Essentials

–  Have been the Official partner with Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore in 2018 on World environment on the occasion of World Environment day to beat the plastic.

– Associated with BMC Expo in 2018 Plastic Ban drive and were also covered by national media.

Contact – Mr. Siddharth Jain

Office no 5, 1st Floor, Prasad shopping center, Goregaon West Mumbai Maharashtra – 400062

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