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Looking for a few inspiring and realistic fiction, try these remarkable and engaging stories by Manya Nigam



Manya Nigam is one of the finest authors of India, and she has authored three novels. Three years ago, she dreamt of being a successful author. Professionally, she was an engineer and left her job a few years ago for taking care of her son. She believes that life is too short to live full-on. Most of the persons want to follow their dreams, but only a few of them get the chance. She had other career options but chose to follow her passion because writing is her necessity to live.
Her debut novel “You Can’t Draw My Destiny” was published by Golden Feather Publishers in 2019, which created a buzz among the youth of India. Through this book, she has given a strong message on women safety. It is the story of a simple girl Sakshi. She has her own definition of love, which she had been listening since her childhood. Her dream life changes forever when she experiences two exceptional and contradictory shades of love. The story itself raised a question to everyone, ‘Is everything actually fair in love? If yes, to which extent?’ Manya tries to convey through this story that raising your voice against any harassment is always important. She also describes how overprotection leads to suffocation, and suicide is never an escape; we should raise our voice and never let anyone else write our destiny. The Amazon rating of this book is 4.5 out of 5. According to the readers’ feedback, it is a must-read for everyone.
In 2020, she published her second novel, “Beyond the Blocked doors”, which was an inspiring fiction, helpful in healing and finding a way beyond the complex situations of life. It has already inspired numerous people not to give up in any circumstances of life. Even after one year of publishing, it is still popular among all age groups because of its inspiring messages. The story is full of twists and turns and a page-turner. In this story, Manya Nigam talks about fate and destiny. She says, “We can’t fight with our fate, but we can change our destiny.” Manya presents the story in such a realistic way so that everyone could relate to it. It is the story of a young girl Trisha, who is the daughter of a well-known businessperson. But her fate brings her to a small town, far away from her father. After eleven years, she goes back to her father, where many unfold truths are waiting for her. Once again, her fate leaves her with no other choices except to make her life on her own. In this journey, her best friend, Tejas, becomes her strength at every stage of life and re-writing her destiny. His unspoken feelings for Trisha add an innocent love angle to her story. It is the journey of Trisha’s struggle of surviving after her father’s sudden demise and Tejas’ dreams of always being with Trisha. The Amazon rating of the book is 4.8 out of 5. According to reader’s feedback, it is a complete package of entertainment, emotions and inspiration. 
She has recently launched her third novel, “An Auspicious Pause”. It is again an inspiring read. This story is based on a married couple heading towards divorce after getting fed up with each other. But, whether divorce the only way to be happy or do we have another option as well? Regarding this story, Manya says that many times, when we find our dreams shattered after marriage and then we usually blame our relationship responsibilities. Through this story, she wants to convey a message to her readers on how to fulfil their dreams while maintaining a happy married life.So, if you are looking for a few inspiring and realistic fiction during this challenging phase of life, you can try these remarkable and engaging stories by Manya Nigam.

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