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The long-established family business was started in the 1940s in Assam and later in the 1990s was rebranded as Kedia Udhyog by the founders and is still carrying on its history. Kedia Udhyog actively imports, sources, and processes timber.

In Assam, the business was buying and processing local timber. Around the 1980s, Assam made it illegal to cut down trees, thus Kedia Udhyog relocated the business to Gandhidham, Kutch.

Additionally, Kedia Udhyog has a Kolkata branch dedicated to distributing Meranti and a few decorative timbers around the nation.

The journey of Kedia Udhyog from Assam to Gandhidham took an immense amount of effort but in the end, it paid out well. The company has seen a lot of ups and downs throughout its journey. Today, it stands here strong and perseveres towards becoming the most successful companies in the country. Kedia Udhyog specializes in the supply of construction timber such as shuttering pinewood and timber for door frames.

The goal of Kedia Udhyog is to be one of the leading suppliers and importers of construction timber in India. This would surely help the company’s clients, who are mostly construction companies and furniture giants in their efforts to produce something a tad more noteworthy.

Kedia Udhyog always has its eyes on sourcing and producing top- quality products for customers. The company has stepped ahead with the vision of becoming India’s leading timber exporter and importer.

The company’s mission is to improve clients’ experiences. Construction companies and architects will have an advantage in their industry due to this. This will eventually help them to serve something more creative and productive to society.

They recently started a new branch in Ahmedabad, Gujarat where they have diversified into shuttering plywood for giving a holistic product experience to their construction clients.

 The company focus on providing better quality and grade of timber which in return helps the clients. They have studied and understood the requirements of the companies to provide this particular experience.

Smart company’s choose Kedia Udhyog because it is a well-known organization with branches in three of India’s booming cities: Kolkata, Gandhidham, and Ahmedabad. To provide the highest quality, Kedia Udhyog also imports its timber from different countries. In addition, the company sources decorative timber from private forests too.

Kedia Udhyog searches the entire globe for sourcing the highest-quality and most distinctive timber. Which is why the company is at the top of every company’s list. Any construction company can reach out to Kedia Udhyog either online or in these cities.

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