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Mahajan Global industries which works primarily in food domain is challenging the status quo of the usual & conventional retail approach the current players adopt. This new venture headed by Mr Shubham Mahajan who is a serial entrepreneur focuses on packaging the best food products customised to each individual’s needs and tastes.

The food & beverage market is one of the largest ones amongst various domains which is poised to grow at an even higher rate by 2025. Yet there are many brands who are incurring losses and are not able to sustain their business model and maintain the overall profitability.

Lack of innovation, improvisations , flexibility in Go-to-Market strategies and cost effective campaigns are some major factors contributing towards the same.

Shubham Mahajan , senior partner and founder , Mahajan Global Industries says ,” we are launching our first line of products in the spice industry which is huge. The masala powders that Indians consume is on a daily basis and every single demography has their own cuisine and taste.Hence we decided to work on this aspect and create our customised products according to each individual region. It’s an exciting field to work in and we have been getting huge responses in our kickstarter campaign.I have been often told that the competition in this sector is ruthless and is cut throat but I am a firm believer in the concept of good products coupled with good marketing & packaging. That’s the game changer. We also want to provide opportunity to people who have been affected by the pandemic to earn a livelihood and hence our models are designed according to it.”

He emphasised on the concept of all inclusive growth and said that the company would try and get 1000 woman entrepreneurs on board in the next 4 quarters for sales-distribution and various other business development aspects. The commodity industry is highly competitive with multiple barriers to entries for a new company. Mr Mahajan with his vast Edutech experience knows the barriers and believes in his team to overcome them successfully.

Interns from various business schools have applied in numbers for this early stage startup already to work alongside the management in the winter period.

The company plans to roll out its products in a sequential manner on E-commerce as well as in big retails across the state first and then the country.Their unique distribution model is what the management feels is going to make a huge difference in expanding the portfolio of 75+ products of their own branding and its reach across the country.

Having asked what their future plans are with respect to the company, Mr Mahajan said that right they just want to establish their brand with quality that is uncompromised , create a highly retained user base and expand slowly as it is goes along. He said the food sector has huge potential with health conscious food gaining popularity amongst the public and the resurgence of foodtech.

People interested to earn a stable monthly income and gain rights to the distributors network for the product of this startup may mail them at :


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