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Manish Singh Chandel Empowers 1000+ Women with Vreedhi Foundation



Manish Singh Chandel, the entrepreneur and trustee of Vreedhi Foundation, is training and employing 1000+ women, through his NGO in Ranchi. The 4 months training program is completely free and also guarantees a job after successful training. Registered in 2020, the NGO works for several social causes. However, Women upliftment has been a top priority. Manish with his NGO focuses on empowering women by providing them with employable skills such as soap making, shampoo production, bangle making, candle making, and many more. 

This initiative by Manish and the team is aimed at promoting economic self-sufficiency and independence among women from underprivileged backgrounds. Manish Singh Chandel’s tireless efforts to empower women have been recognized by many in the community. With his NGO, Vreedhi Foundation, he is creating a ripple of positive change for the women and their families, who have been benefited from the training and employment opportunities provided by the foundation.

27 years old Manish Singh Chandel’s charity work is not just limited to women empowerment. His significant works include free food distribution, 1000+ tree plantations, free education of the unprivileged ones, drug and alcohol awareness and more. Vreedhi Foundation has the following ongoing charity campaigns at present:

Feed the need

Tree plantation


Drug Awareness

Human trafficking control


Women Empowerment

Emergency Help

Having all these campaigns running already, Manish Singh Chandel is aggressively working for the upliftment of women. He says, “women are the building block of society. When a woman is uplifted, skilled, or employed, she leads an entire family to grow. Her growth contributes not only to building a mature family but also to a harmonious society. Eventually, we will develop a better society for our present and upcoming generations in this way”.

These campaigns from Vreedhi Foundation have been successful in providing solutions for society’s problems. Feed the need, Free health check-up campaign, and Mahila Vikas are one of the most effective campaigns by Vreedhi Foundation. The NGO feeds the poor and unprivileged for free in various states of India like Jharkhand, Bihar, and Karnataka under ‘Feed the need’ campaign. Free health check-ups and basic medication are provided to the people in Jharkhand in collaboration with various hospitals. Vreedhi Foundation has launched various programs to train, employ, and uplift women. 

Manish says, “I have observed the evils and sorrows of the society since last 8 years. At that time, being a student, it was not realistic for me to come up with an appropriate solution. With some maturity, I with my friends started to get involved in small social works which later on evolved into the form of an NGO, Vreedhi Foundation in 2020. Now with the NGO, we are capable of identifying the root cause of society’s problems and also coming up with a practical solution.

In the last 2 years, these programs have not only been successful but popular as well. Recently, the former Chief Minister, Babulal Marandi recognised and appreciated the efforts of Manish Singh Chandel. The former CM of the state was also facilitated by Vreedhi Foundation for his support in the social works of the NGO. 

Manish, with Vreedhi Foundation, is playing an important role in the upliftment of Women from underprivileged backgrounds and their families. It is a step towards creating a more gender-equal society, where Women also have equal opportunities to grow and succeed. He deserves much more attention and praise from the common population, especially the millennials.

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