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Mark International UK Ltd. – A consultancy on a mission to stand strong with those who aspire to arrive UK for further studies and employment opportunities



Mark International UK Ltd is a perfect example of an ideal consultancy that most students pursue their further studies. Mark International UK Ltd is known for guidance in UK-based education and career as a pathway for further studies and works in the UK. It was built in 2019 and the sole mission is to lend a helping hand to international students who aspire to study in the UK. A bright mind like Dr Welvin R D is behind the foundation of Mark International UK Ltd. He is also the Director of this consultancy. Mark International UK Ltd. Is working on its expansion in USA, Israel, Gulf Countries and other European Countries. By expanding its wings to other countries, it aims at having a larger reach to students and aspirants who wish to study or work in the UK.

We are glad that it has chosen India as well, for the establishment of its office. One of their branches is in Trivandrum, Kerala. India, a country which has always had a broad mindset when it comes to education has a lot of students who wish to settle in the UK. Mark International UK Ltd is offering vast guidance on Bachelors , Masters, Research programme, PhD, Post-Doctorate study programs on IT, Engineering, Management studies, Clinical research, Medicine, Dental sciences, Veterinary, Logistics, Nursing, Physiotherapy and other health science studies. These are only a few mentions of the vast variety of options being given to students not only in India but across many nations.

Speaking of Universities, there are more than 76 well-known and top Universities in the UK which have tied hands with Mark International UK Ltd and more than 100 students join through the same consultancy every year.

We would like to mention a few esteemed names of Universities which have collaborated with Mark International UK Ltd.

1. University of Aberdeen

2. University of the Arts, London

3. Birmingham City University

4. University of Buckingham

5. Cardiff University

6. University of East London

7. Glasgow Caledonian University

8. University of Kent

9. Lancaster University

10. University of Liverpool

11. University of Northampton

12. University of Stirling

13. Trinity College, Dublin

14. University of Westminster

15. University of York

16. St. John University

Mark International Consultancy focuses on helping nurses, especially, those who aim to find lucrative job opportunities in UK hospitals.

Education with an International brand is something which most students find rewarding as it adds a feather in their cap and also gives them leverage against other peers who are their competition. Foreign exposure gives students an experience which teaches them how to survive in an international market.

Mark International UK Ltd is packed with qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people as the team which is here to help every student in every process involving admission or job accomplishment.

Since it has experts, they make sure that students aspiring to move to the UK are placed in the right universities or colleges with the appropriate programme selection.

All the paperwork is cohesively investigated and worked accordingly, and it is made sure that all approvals have been taken. No application has come back rejected and the aim to build a bridge between students and quality education has been achieved successfully.

Mark International UK Ltd has a vision of making UK education accessible to students worldwide without any inclination or otherwise. It believes that Education is every student’s right and plays a major role in career growth and advancement.

Not only does it help students, but also nurses who seek employment opportunities in UK-based hospitals, be it private or NHS or even nursing homes or dispensaries. The NHS is believed to be the largest employer in the United Kingdom where hundreds of Nurses, Doctors and other Health Care professionals as employees. The workforce is multicultural and diversified hence making the entire process of life beautiful for many which shows inclusive and diverse nature of United Kingdom. 

Mark International UK Ltd is here to stay forever and we stand strong to make your dreams come true. Whether it’s an education programme or a job opportunity, we make the entire process simple for the applicants because we know that dreams come true for those who wake up and work towards their goals.

Let us fly together, above the clouds, Mark International UK Ltd.

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