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Masooda is raking it in at the box office



Masooda, which debuted at the Telugu box office last weekend, has already run for six days. The movie, which had a bad opening day, is now growing steadily more robust, with each passing day recording higher figures than the one before.

The movie saw an increase every single day in the crucial Nizam neighbourhood and brought in Rs. 1.25 crores in just six days. To put things in perspective, renowned distributor Dil Raju paid 2 crores to get the rights to this movie for AP and Telangana.

Masooda is expected to generate substantial revenue for all connected distributors. In its first six days of release, the movie made one crore from only the Andhra region ( not including ceded).

Dil Raju, the distributor for AP Telangana, is already making money off Masooda, and Rahul Yadav, the great producer, will soon see spillover.

Masooda centres on the life of single mother Neelam (Sangitha), who struggles to provide for her daughter Naziya (Bandhavi Sridhar). They keep amicable relations with their neighbour, software worker Gopi Krishna (Thiruveer). Neelam finds herself pounding on his door one evening. Neelam and Gopi are entirely shocked when Nazia starts acting strangely. Gopi informs Neelam that her daughter is possessed and in need of exorcists. Later, the mother joins forces with her cowardly neighbour to purge her of evil.

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