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As a child, I was born with a silver spoon in an open-minded family with all the facilities and liberties one can ask for. Later, I married a down-to-earth person with modern thinking and a similar positive approach to a relationship. However, there was something incomplete about me as an individual.

I started my journey in 2006 as an entrepreneur with the Centre for Advanced Computing, an institute that has taught more than 16000 students so far on Microsoft technologies. The operating office is solely based in Noida.

Being an Indian, I am well aware of the issues a woman faces when she decides to work the responsibilities she has to take care of, whether of house, kids, family, outdoor, indoor much more. Whether to work or not is more about our mindset, but we need support, strength, knowledge, and a platform. So I tried to build a platform by the name INDIAN WORKING WOMEN. I started this group in august 2018, and currently, it’s a community of more than 60 thousand women.

However, my husband Namit Gupta, the owner of the retail chain supermarket “HONEY MONEY TOP, “and my Father supported my initiative and have been a great source of encouragement and strength to date. My husband always says,” if you can do more than one thing, do everything that is inside of you.” As a woman, work is the best gift you can give yourself in terms of confidence and freedom. It’s certainly my aim, and I hope to change the world a tiny bit for every woman in my small ways.

“Your members drive where your community goes.” So listen, find out what people are interested in and seeking, and then “provide a diverse array of opportunities for members in your group around networking.”

The kind of challenges, problems I faced while forming this community were many as “Picking people is the most important part of a networking group. You’re curating people.” You don’t just want awesome members; you want those who will show up. This was the major challenge I had, to form a community of women who can believe in you whom you can believe. Authenticity is always a significant challenge.

Networking groups meet online, but this limits the opportunity for in-person networking that can be effective in generating leads. In addition, to decide whether the business networking group is for a specific industry, such as healthcare professionals or various professions. Or for both genders or only for women.

After the discovery period, I decided to make a platform for only women in which offline and online both marketing and bonding are possible.

We usually Plan events and networking meets where business or service professionals from any area can meet and network. 

My goal is to continue to build a community where more women can join in and support each other as BR Ambedkar said once 

“Measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved. “

I think the biggest mistake that new entrepreneurs make is a lack of patience. They just focus on buy or sell or short-term profit what we say.

If you want to be successful in business, visibility has to be there among the public. Members should know of a community who you are and what you do!

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