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Meet the City Girl from Indore: Riya Ranka !”



Riya is a budding artist from the foodie city “Indore” Madhya Pradesh. She is an engineer, writer, author. Multiple hobbies are composed in her, like musical lyrics. She says, “It’s been a fantastic journey for me from having zero recognition to some in this field. And I loved this about me.” She is composed of life, moods and a combo offer of an introvert and extrovert person. She started writing when she was in her college 2nd year. As it is said that the happy realisation of the talent is justified when lighted in public, its genuinely justified in her life.

She is an old pen-paper writer and a big idea to herself. She believes in collaborating her write-ups with three things: – messy feelings, bridging the void and expressing melancholy. She is the repeated exclamation mark in her life as her enthusiasm for writing is undeniable. When she’s writing, she can add a crispy crust to Margherita or play with waves on the sand beach. She is like a unicorn – Partial rumoured and partial creditable.

She adds by saying, “Throughout my entire journey, my mother and my sisters supported me a lot, encouraged me to participate more, learn more and to showcase my skills my write-ups through social media platforms. That boosted me up well and helped me to grow.”

 She has worked with five anthologies to date and is an author for “The 25 verses of a city girl”. She is working on two upcoming books, which will soon get featured on social media platforms.

She has participated in multiple writing competitions and won positions. She was featured in social media promotions along with 20+ musical platforms all over India like Spotify,, Wynk music, Jio- Savanna etc. She has worked with multiple NGO’s, campaigns and was honoured with the “Rashtra Prerna Award” by the Government of Madhya Pradesh organized by “Vaikalpik chikitsa paddhati sansthan”, held at Mariott Indore, 2021. She was also nominated for the Magic Book of records for the author category and “Super women awards” titled by Fasia awards, Forever star India awards to be held on Jaipur and Delhi respectively in 2021-22.

“Writing is something that makes me feel alive. When I participate in open mics, there is always so much to learn. Every time I perform, something brings new and best out of me! “I always wanted to stand out of the crowd, and this skill helped me in making the person I am today. Not only I got honoured, but I also got recognized and inbuilt a new me personally. This is really something big for me.”

She strongly believes in learning, facing ups and downs, as they make your life strong and churn your personality.

She ends by saying, “have faith in yourself, don’t distract with the people’s opinion. Motivate yourself, stay calm and keep learning every day. Give yourself a break and come with a bang.”

One tip:- Work on the thinking you think, and the future will be Lit!

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