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Meet The Entrepreneur Behind India’s 1st B2B Healthcare Ecosystem’ ClinicManager’.



First, Let Us Understand What ClinicManager is and what we are they solving?

ClinicManager is B2B Healthcare Ecosystem where doctors, clinics, hospitals, physicians, healthcare service providers and join the ClinicManager Platform and avail healthcare centric products and services like clinic marketing, hospital marketing, patient lead generation, doctor personal branding, reputation management for doctors, clinic software, hospital software, pet clinic software, custom software, online advertisement, clinic and hospital website development and many more.

Users can order all these products and services within just four clicks, and it will just automate all the online related work with the help of ClinicManager.

The Mind Behind The Most Successful Healthcare Ecosystem For Clinics And Hospitals

Subhajit Chatterjee owned and built two startups in 2019 while he was in university, Onlinesyndrome, A Technology And Marketing Company that was growing at a decent speed, and from there is learned and managed teams that built great digital products with expert marketing on them.

After a year at Onlinesyndrome, Subhajit identified a huge gap in the B2B Segment of the healthcare industry. He launched ClinicManager India’s 1st B2B Healthcare Ecosystem for doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Within 1 Month, they onboarded leading clinics from Delhi, and the rest all is available on their website, Best Healthcare Marketing, And Management Company In India.

Awarded As Best Healthcare Marketing And Technology Team 

Within just two years, ClinicManager worked with almost 120+ Doctors, 87 Clinics in Delhi and 8 Hospital In India, and 3 International Healthcare Clients and provided them with results-driven output like an increase in revenue, more brand awareness, social media presence, and use of technology in healthcare management.

How ClinicManager Becomes Doctor’s 1st Choice For Their Digital Presence

As soon as any doctor, clinic owner, or hospital gets onboarded on ClinicManager, they get a free verified listing that attracts more healthcare-related business to their clinics and hospital.

Within 24 Hours, a dedicated analyst from ClinicManager will connect with the stakeholder, draft the requirements, and forward it to the internal solutions teams that plan social media, reputation management, or software strategies.

Healthcare Industry Has Projection on 315x growth in the Digital World In Upcoming 5 Years.

After the remote working culture, next is remote healthcare. Every country is working to achieve telemedicine and remote healthcare from both patient and service providers’ sides. In Tier One cities in India, the average spend by a doctor or clinic owner on digital marketing is about ₹25000/Month, in which the results are not constant because there is a lack of expertise. If anyone can spare at least 30% of the total budget for doing it, better ClinicManager is the best agency that will help to grow your medical practice 1.5X every month.

Hospital Marketing, Clinic Marketing, Medical Device Marketing, and Doctor Marketing are all done by ClinicManager, an awarded healthcare advertisement agency.

Patient Lead Generation Simplified By Indian Healthcare Startup.

Digital Marketing Agency used to get contracts earlier for patient lead generation, but there was a problem as digital marketing agency works with different industries. They lacked an understanding of the healthcare industry. That’s why ClinicManager Won the race and emerged as a successful healthcare startup. 

How To Connect With ClinicManager Team And get Your Clinic Or Hospital Enrolled?

As simple as buying a T-shirt online, search on google like clinic marketing India or clinic marketing agency in Delhi. We are ranking at the top with a trust of about 70 Doctors who gave us 5-star ratings. The brand owner is the 1st person who will connect with the stakeholders as customer relation is a must.

ClinicManager has a 24-hour Customer Support


Contact: 9555924602

Instagram: @clinicmanager_official

Location: New Delhi With Clients From Worldwide

Try The Next Generation Healthcare Marketing And Management Brand ClinicManager B2B healthcare Simplified

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