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Startup as an Entrepreneur with medical supply business, the most promising industry with actual growth rate of 45% every year with an potential of 85 Billion dollar revenue per year with an estimated growth of over 3 times in next 3-5years.

2019-20 has seen an exciting development in the field of diagnostic being the key that plays a crucial role at every stage of identification of diseases, especially amid pandemic. Proper detection together with timely treatment has clearly emerged as the need of the hour. Subsequently, the global Laboratory Equipment market is set to record a 4.1% CAGR during 2019-2025. According to the recent report this business is supposed to account for USD 62600 million in 2025. With the advancement in technology the healthcare has been revolutionized with the development of advanced diagnostic test.

MICROSIDD is franchising the best opportunity in 85 billion dollars medical industry in India with the best income and lowest investment, the brand MICROSIDD is looking to provide the best medical services and products to everyone at the lowest, economic and affordable price by establishing the highest number of 3000 MICROSIDD Medical Diagnostic Centers in India by partnering with franchisees on Pin code basis.

Microsidd India Pvt Ltd counts as one of the Leading manufacturer, importers, exporters, suppliers, and traders of a wide range of medical instruments and equipment in India. It is an all-in-one medical instrument and Equipment Company with two decades of experience with a wide variety of product range of Diagnostics kits, R & D kits, Medical Disposables, Medical Equipment, stainless Steel Operation Instrument, General Hospital Kit, General Hospital Instrument, Examination Instrument and so on. They manufacture and distribute high quality medical devices for use in hospitals and diagnostic centers all across India
MICROSIDD to customers will give them the best services, best products, best medicines at the highest discounted price with free consultations and second opinions from specialized doctors personally with diet plans and free ambulance services to the customers in a subscription which allows the customer to take advantage from any of the centers all over India at no extra cost.

MICROSIDD to Franchisee will give the best business model with the lowest investment with the highest returns which also boosts your reputation in society being a medical professional, MICROSIDD will also assist you in getting location, License, Staff, and customers through its channel partners,

Microsidd is looking forward to collaborate with investors on franchise module areas to areas on pin code level for the sale of more than 2000 products and 100+ brands, 500+ Diagnostic tests, Medical Equipment Rental and so on to enhance physical availability and support entrepreneur ecosystem, anyone can apply through this link and get their franchise at affordable investment. The customer and client base includes hospitals clinics pharmacy store healthcare setup and humanity of 125 crore population in the country
it’s Interesting? Please fill this online form and reach them out know about you more interested it will take your two minutes, we will get back to you shortly Click here to view and fill the franchise form from website link is provided or or write an email to

Currently Microsidd diagnostic franchisee is only open for Bangalore on pin code basis

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