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Mohammed Kashif, a unique multi-talented Indian personality whose talent goes beyond thinking



Mohammed Kashif is an Indian artist, Sculptor, Mechanical Engineer, Robotics champion, National Level Football player, National Level Cricket player and Entrepreneur. He specialises in making Unique Art Sculptures, which is Never Seen before in the world. Their appearance is realistic and unique. They have 5 World Records, Asia Book of Record, India Book of Record, Guinness world record, and many National and International Awards in different fields. He is a multi-tasker

He was also named in India’s Top artists, Represent India at the International level in World Art Dubai in 2019. Also, a National Football Champion in 2017, National Cricket Champion in 2018, Represented India in World Robotics Championship in 2019, Got Rashtriya Ratna Award, having several World Records, he is none other than Mr Mohammed Kashif, a unique multi-talented Indian personality.

Artist Mohammed Kashif created a unique history in the world of arts, brightening the country’s name. The young International Artist of Bhopal, Mohammed Kashif, made an art piece that has never been seen before in the history of arts.

He made this by using certain waste materials such as date kernels, coconut jute, hard coconut peel, waste cotton, waste silk, coal ash, etc. He converted these waste materials into a beautiful and unique Art, Blackbuck ( Black deer’s) horns and Barah Singha ( Rein deer’s) horns. He made different types of artworks by using waste materials. The most crucial thing in this is that All the paintings look original and realistic in every aspect, and their worth is in millions.

Artist Kashif has made a Unique globe situated at Bhopal lake view Boat Club in Bhopal as a selfie point, which is also one of his waste material artwork for Plastic Donation Center Bhopal. The globe weighs 500 kgs, and it was prepared by using 15,000 waste plastic bottles. The artwork spreads the message” SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC”. The globe was inaugurated by the famous Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar. This artwork has been set a record in Asia Book of Records and the International Book of World Records. He still has so many different, unique and creative ideas which are on the way. Artist Kashif will also bring some new creativity, and he says he wants to do something for his country with his unique art and ideas.

He has his startup because he says that we should not be job seekers, be job givers, so he is an entrepreneur, having his own business named *Artistic Engineering* which includes architectural works, Robotics Gates, Shutters, designing, metal arts, interior designing, gardening, Unique Swings And all types of Mechanical Works, He Is Artist+Engineer, So His all art have Engineering Concept and all Engineering work have Artistic Concept. He also received the Innovation Award from Shri Narottam Mishra, Home minister of MP. Based on the number of talents that Mr Kashif possesses, we can say he has a personality that we can appreciate.

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