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Mohd sharia is all set to make debut as lead actor



Mohd Sharia is all set to make debut as lead actor in the indian film industry looking forward to making his big screen debuts this year.This Year Mohd Sharia is all set to debut as lead actor.Dinesh Soi will be the director

Mohd Sharia is one of the most talented actor from Aligarh( UP ). From a very young age he debuted with a music video MULAKAATEIN Ft.Karan mehra.

Learn alot from Dinesh soi: sharia 

He also revealed that Dinesh soi speaks more about the mental aspects. Sharia has had many interactions with Dinesh sudarshan Soi.Sharia to be seen in many music video as well as webseries. His upcoming project is with stebin ben, Afsana khan , Shaheer Shiekh , Armaan malik etc. Mohd Sharia , born on 12th February , with her roots belonging to the festive city of Aligarh, UTTAR PRADESH is all about perseverance and the hunger to excel in whatever she has her hands on. To put in a sentence, Sharia is all about her dedication, her honesty, her hard work, her enthusiasm and not to forget her straight forward approach, which makes her stand out amongst the crowd

Some people believe that the entertainment industry is always the last resort for a career. But for Sharia it is all about her whims and hobby.

Belonging to a middle class family, like every parent, her parents wished the best for her. Like the chronology that has been followed in any middle class family, his brother is doctor from Aligarh Muslim university & His mother is a homemaker who always support his son for hard working.

Appraising the quality and not the quantity of an endeavor, Mohd Sharia believes in a good association with a good team. At present he has signed six promising and aesthetic projects in Bollywood , big banner music videos in Bollywood, television commercials, showcasing her prior performance with skin care brands, toothpaste brand, etc. Mohd sharia is a work of art. He has worked with some of the very famous actors of Bollywood including Karan mehra , Sameeksha sud and Adnan Shiekh.

Mohd sharia is a firm believer in efforts which will win you the fruitful results. “As you sow, so shall you reap” Every day brings a new enthusiasm to hustle and achieve. Being an innovative learner, it is Mohd Sharia’s belief that we get to learn something new every day. There may be times when things might seem to fall apart, but it depends on oneself, how you vision that falling apart. Mohd sharia loves to challenge herself every day, to improve her glory, as it is believed “it is all in you” 

What drives you each day

Mohd sharia believes that one should make oneself worthy to that praise one craves. She gets up daily, hustles non-stop, works relentlessly, till the results are what she wants. It is you who will define your future. Mohd sharia feels grateful for all the love and support he has received from the Bollywood industry. He is ready to make a family here in Bollywood with a promise that she will never fail them.

We have Mohd sharia , an astounding and a promising artist who believes in the token of self-love and appraisal, you get when your efforts lie at par with your success.

One can find Mohd sharia on Instagram by the username “@shaariiaaa” to see that it is not just words she says but does all that she saves.

Advice to the youth

Imposing your calmness, one stakes for peace. Relishing patience, one receives a keep. Being an observant, you get to learn. And being a hustler is all that you need then. Believe in yourself and in your stance. The world is the grand stage for you. Each one of us has a part to play. Play yours beautifully because getting a chance to be where you are today; there are a lot at the back, who don’t even get that chance. 

So put in all, because best is set for you.

What bemused you to pursue your profession, hobbies

Enjoying sports, music; being a fitness freak; involving herselfin Pilates, dance, stunts, etc. Mohd sharia has his hands in all. It has been her one of her dreams to enrich her hand in business and cherish her craves for acting success and rising of the bar of fame high with her pure dedication and passion. Till date, to count Mohd sharia has done many successful endorsements, television commercials, Bollywood music video and hit

song brands.

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