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Motivational Story of a born Artist – Toofan (Mahesh Chaudhary)



Meet Mahesh Chaudhary aka toofan who turned into a successful artist and producer after a lot of struggle and hard work.

He was born into a poor family from Rajasthan’schomu city on 06/08/1989, during his school days he was so much interested for acting and modelling also he was so annoying to his family and teachers due to which he was suspended from his school and then his parents admitted him into a hostel but as he was so much dedicated towards acting, he ran away from the hostel and came to his village.

And then after some time when he was only 17 years old his father passed away as he already belonged to a poor family, he got so many responsibilities upon him due to which he has to work hard to earn and feed up his family so he started working as a conductor to feed his family. But he never forgot his passion, one day while sitting under a tree thinking about his future, he thought that this is not the thing he is born for then he decided to resign from his job and he left his job due to which his family was very upset from him that what is he going to do to feed his family.

After some time, he carried his passion and started working for it he started to spend his free time in gym and dance classes to groom himself sooner he got a chance to come up with his video song with so many celebrities as an artist in them.

He alsowon a fashion show named Mr.Jaipur 2019 and worked as artist in various short movies and series projects and Facebook add shoot. But now he is all involved with the modeling team to provide the best opportunities to people with excellent skills and knowledge. The journey of Toofan in modeling and acting industry was full of struggle and hard work, but his bang on determination made him achieve his dreams.

Toofan gave our society a message that no matter where you are born or no matter what’s your position people will only remember you if you are big enough to prove them wrong and that’s what he did he is doing really well for the society and now he is helping poor and needy people to fulfil their dreams in the industry, as his name he came as a heavy wind and took everything with him what he wanted to have and what he dreamed of.

Now Toofan is living in Jaipur with his family consists of his wife and two kids also he is coming up with his very new song on YouTube channel TS Music named as Kabab is soon launching, so keep showing him love and support.

That’s all about the most famous personality who worked really hard to achieve his dreams and literally made them to come true with his hard work and patience.

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