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Mr. Gaurav Salunke leading youngsters by paving the way to new opportunities in the entrepreneurial world.



These days more & more youth should move towards industries and get involved in establishing new ventures across entrepreneurial world; has become the prime need of this ever evolving & rapidly growing economy. The government and society both are giving lots of applaud and support to the new establishing startups and new faces in the entrepreneurial world.

                      Mr. Gaurav Salunke is helping youngsters to change their lives by improving their skills through good leadership and motivations amongst them.

                        During the period of previous lockdown lots of youngsters got jobless, even though all of them were very skillful and talented and had spirits for revolutionary ideas. Gaurav Salunke, a youth inspiration to other young entrepreneurs, took a step to give these skillful minds a helping hand towards building their ideas into reality. He had helped them in directing and motivating towards establishing new thoughtful ventures and establishments. He believes that if you have a spirit of entrepreneurship and an evolutionary idea to bring new opportunities for employment in the society, you have golden coins in your hands, you can build an epic example out of this, which can also motivate other youth to take a step forward in this digital, ever evolving entrepreneurial economy.

                        Mr.Gaurav Salunke says, ” In today’s digital economy lots of buisnesses going online. By taking into considerations the pace of developments in this economy, we need to bring lot of youths having thoughtful ideas to come up with startups and get involved in the progress of the economy of our nation by improving the standard of living of people’s of our nation.

                        By taking into consideration today increasing demand for AI ( Artificial intelligence )  more and more youth requires to bring technological upgradations in the entrepreneurial world. Mr. Gaurav Salunke has taken steps to guide these youngsters in how to use and apply technologies in their startups. He is organising different schemes in this regard. Lots of youngsters and also the other groups of this society has supported and applauded to these schemes of Mr. Gaurav Salunke.

                        So many youngsters have been United under this scheme and lot of them established their new ventures and those are at different stages of life in their businesses because of his help. All of them admires the efforts taken by Mr. Gaurav Salunke and they are also bringing other youth having startup ideas to him for his direction and motivations. One of the unique quality of Mr. Gaurav Salunke is he finds solutions on every challenge in his life and even help others who are having problems in solving theirs.

                        Mr. Gaurav Salunke’s ” GSP BUISNESS GROUP ” is becoming a helping hand to lot of new opportunity seeking youth entrepreneurial spirits. A team of his group under his  guidance, includes his operational team members Ajay Jorle, Vishwajeet Tak, Nachiket Gadekar and Gopal Bochare these are truly taking efforts in helping youngsters and they are too admiring and supporting their efforts.

                        There is no doubt Mr. Gaurav Salunke is going to take a leap position in industrial sector very soon. He is setting a new example in the corporate sector for lots of youngsters and being an inspiration to lots of entrepreneurial spirits. He says ” we are eager to help and bring more and more youth in this industrial sector. “

                        So more & more youth should get involved in the schemes of this group and try to reach different peaks in their lives with the help of this group. He says “If you have something to proove & establish in your life, please come. we are always here to help and guide. So please come if you need our guidance in reading different goals of your life along with our co-operation and support.” He says “I also started from a very rough start, I didn’t had anyone to support and stand behind me but I’m always here to help others”.

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