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Mumma’s Closet- Defining Outfits with ease, glamour, and drama!!



Every culture has a different impact on its clothing. From men to women to kids and older people, clothing is one thing that is a necessity and also reflects the cultural impact on us. With our choice of attire, we showcase a lot about our personality, which is why the fashion industry is flourishing in India like never before. Talking about clothing and the modern approach, it seems like the famous Indian dress saree has come up once again in a very chic way. Saree is associated with cultural Indian women, but it has made some fashion statements for the young Indian ladies. 

Much like bread and butter, the beauty of a saree is often enhanced by some bling. Capturing this dynamic combination is an interior designer cum saree blogger, Prajacta. She adds a little extra to her drapes with dazzling jewels. Antique silver jewelry or layered ethnic pieces are each contrasted against to take it to another level. 

Mumma’s Closet is a venture taken forward by Prajacta Kadu, an interior designer, a blogger, and a stylish enthusiast. She recalls,’ I was about five years old when I first understood and saw Ma draping a saree. Growing up as an Indian kid, it is always fascinating to watch Ma dress up in a saree, pair it with matching earrings, and radiate the most precious smile. ’This venture wholeheartedly celebrates the legacy of her mother and all talented Indian artisans and their art. 

Prajacta is a sucker for alliteration and style. As a saree enthusiast, she loves to create traditional looks with the nine yards. She drapes a saree with such grace that no one can be spared from being stunned by her look. She is dedicated to traditional ethnic wear and sure knows how to upgrade them. She has a legacy of sarees brought down to her by her grandmother. She has a vast collection of sarees that will make all the women out there envious. She drapes saree with simple style but pairs it with attractive and unique blouses and accessories. Prajacta’s main idea behind Mumma’s Closet was to pay tribute to her mother. But it has come a long way. Her daughter, too, has started styling since Navratri. Her Instagram pictures will make you fall in love with not just the sarees but the way they all fall into place. 

Turning pictures into tales: What Prajacta started with selfies and portraits has now fully grown into a passion that has brought out nothing but the best. Maybe getting clicked and a little leap of faith is all it takes. 

Prajacta’s career graph has been full of opportunities and appreciation. She works as a full-time interior design stylist and owns White Lotus Interior studio. Additionally, she has won the title of Mrs. India Queen South Diva 2021. A journey from a contestant to being awarded as the winner, from learning new things to standing out in her element & winning the crown.



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