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MyFishKart – The ONE STOP solution for fresh & hygienic FISH



Fish is one of the most craved food items by people, for its delicious taste and health benefits. Fish has always kept  its special placein Indian non-vegetarian cousine. . Due to it’s delicious taste and nutritional benefits, most people to include it in their   regular diet .  In today’s world, where food’s nutritional values and protein content are degrading,,  nutritionists and doctors are recommending including fish in the diet. While all the non-vegetarians of our nation love fish, Maharashtra region and their love for fish needs no special introduction! However purchasing fish has remained a challenge. Many people 

find it inconvenient to buy fish from the market because of its messy, un-tidy, and sometimes unhygienic ambience. Ironically, the term “fish market” is usually used to describe a chaotic place! 

MyFishKart, a venture of Jayant Seafoods Pvt. Ltd. is putting a check to the conventional fish markets and is meeting the fish requirements of people in a novel, healthy and clean way.

MyFishKart began with the goal of providing people with the most dependable and fresh fish possible. Sameer Wankhede, the director of the company, came up with this unique venture after being inspired by his brother Sudhir, who has been active in this sector for the last two years. The collaboration of these two brothers has resulted in the finest fish company, 

MyFishKart,  aims is to delight its customers in every possible way, like quality, freshness, hygiene, and packaging.

MyFishKart company follows five values that define its services and their enthusiasm and genuine efforts to always provide the best to their customers.

  • Freshness: The main problem for customers to buy fish today is that they cannot  find fresh fish abundantly; and most of them do not have enough time to hover around markets, MyFishKart solves their problems by providing fish that’s extremely fresh and healthy.
  • Responsiveness: MyFishKart believes thatresponding to customer needs and requirements on-time is the foremost rule for a healthy rapport and long-lasting relationships, 
  • Excellence: MyFishKart provides excellent quality fish, and our services have won several awards marking this  excellence.
  • Sincerity: In a world like today, where businesses are looking to just make money, MyFishKart ensures that we maintain the utmost transparency with  highest levels of integrity.
  • Harmony: MyFishKart strongly believes that collaboration would definitely lead to positive outbreaks and thus fosters collaboration in every possible way.

The process of ordering fish from MyFishKart is as simple as ABC. All one has to do is to select one’s favourite fish from the long list of options that are available in the app and specify the cutting type. Then one can add the product to the cart and place the order. 

MyFIshKart intends to expand its services in two business verticals: 

  1. wholesale supply of raw fish, where we supply raw fish to cities like Pune, Nashik, and Aurangabad in our own refrigerated vehicles; 
  2. Online , where we deliver fresh fish, frozen fish, and ready-to-eat chutneys and pickles; We provide several varieties of fish, such as tuna, paplet, halwa, surmai, bangada, eel, and prawns.

MyFishKart has grown to be the most trusted and genuine over the years and has received positive reviews from all of its customers. MyFishKart is currently operating in the main cities of Mumbai, Nashik, and Pune and is looking forward to expanding its presence in over 25 cities in the coming months and is committed to providing fresh fish that caters to the needs of its customers. 

The best trait of MyFishKart is that our team inspects the fish processing at each and every stage, right from the supply to delivery, and ensures that no single product is rotten or unfit. 

The reason to choose MyFishKart is that 

  • We provide only the highest quality and fresh fish at very affordable prices.  
  • We do not use any chemicals or preservatives to store fish for longer duration. 
  • We ensure that the nutritional values remain the same in the fish 
  • We provide hassle-free and on-time delivery. 

If you are looking to order fish, then you can undauntedly count on MyFishKart. You can reach them through the following link.


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