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Arancia Entertainment’s National Drawing Comp end



Arancia Entertainment

Drawing competitions encourage children to think outside the box, explore their creative potential, and come up with unique ideas and concepts. When children participate in such competitions, they are exposed to a diverse range of themes, topics, and challenges that challenge their imagination and creativity. One such drawing competition was organized by Arancia Entertainment Private Limited (Formerly known as Altair Production), where students from all across India participated. The event was organized online and was listed on Paytm Insider, which was categorized in 3 categories. Category 1 was for participants from the age group of 4-6 years, Category 2 was for participants from the age group of 7-10 years and Category 3 was for participants from the age group of 11-15 years. The competition saw some of the great talents from all across India showcase their ability on canvas. 

What our winners have to say

Neerja Panda from Bangalore, Karnataka participated in Category 3 (11-15 years) and emerged as a winner .This incredible achievement is a testament to the hard work and relentless pursuit of perfection by every member of our extraordinary team. My passion, expertise, and sheer determination have propelled me to the top, surpassing all expectations. But this victory doesn’t belong to me alone; it belongs to my family who have believed in me from day one. Their unwavering support and trust have been instrumental in my success. I owe it all to them! As I bask in this moment of glory, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to my success. Together, let’s celebrate this remarkable milestone and look forward to a future filled with even more groundbreaking achievements.”

Parent of Prathmesh Sudan from Pune, who participated in Category 1 (4-6 years) say’s “Prathmesh smiled when we informed him of the prize he had won. He is now very excited to show his drawing teacher and his classmates his certificate and medal. It is an important thing for him as he wants to show her that he has done well, as she took the effort and still does to keep his hand steady and his attention focused.”

Divya Abhipsa from Cuttack, Odisha says “Winning a national-level drawing competition at the 7th-grade and being showcased in the press is a mix of excitement, pride, and a little bit of disbelief. 

It’s an incredible feeling to know that my artwork has been recognized among many talented young artists from across the country. 
The support and encouragement from my family during this journey have been invaluable. 
This experience has motivated me to continue making art and it has also given me the confidence to believe in my possibilities and to pursue my artistic dreams.”

About Arancia Entertainment Private Limited

Started by Namrata who has experience in event management and later joined hands with her father in-law to start the entrepreneurial journey says “It gives me immense joy and pleasure to see the hidden gems which India as a nation holds in itself. To encourage the talents to pursue their dreams we hold this drawing competition often to reward the talents from all across India. We organise a bouquet of events and one such event is the Drawing competition.” 

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