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E learning is a concept that everyone is familiar with, but it was always seen as a backup plan since people were too accustomed to the old school method of teaching and learning. However, no one predicted that in the not-too-distant future, e learning would become the new normal. When Covid came into our life last year and transformed everything, when everything got digital all of a sudden, e learning became a notion and a necessity. Within a year, it had become a requirement. Everyone, somewhere, is utilising e learning to learn, teach, or finish work that has been left undone.

SOVA Skills is an E-learning platform where anyone in their twenties can enrol and grow in their career with the help of some requisite skills.

When our creator, Pargat Barsal, was a student set to take his board exams and, like many other students, was unsure about his career possibilities, he came up with the idea for SOVA Skills. As he struggled with this challenge, he considered other students who might be experiencing the same issue, and therefore he devised a solution to the problem. SOVA talents serves as a link between students and part-time work, allowing them to discover their authentic self. 

Setting up a business requires a lot of effort and hard work at first, but before that, another thing that requires dedication and motivation is persuading family members and other people to give the business a chance, which is exactly what happened here as well. Our founder Pargat Barsal also had to go through several challenges as to convince his father about letting him get on board with the start-up, but wanting his son to prepare for government jobs alike every Indian father, he was still not sure whether it was a good idea.

As online education was a hit, due to covid 19 Pargat saw an opportunity. He decided it would be a good idea to start the firm immediately, and he put down Rs 30000 as an initial investment.

After the business was successfully established, the first goal was to ensure that clients enrolled in SOVA skills, which was unclear because it was a start-up and individuals needed time to ponder and then make a decision. It is tough to make a start-up firm thrive in India, especially in such a short period of time, and we were well aware that we would face numerous challenges, but we did not give up. We attempted, and to our amazement, we enrolled our first 20 customers in the first week of our operation, which prompted Pargat’s father to reconsider his decision. Which he finally did, and we are happy that he is finally on board with us and is really over whelmed that the business is doing so well and generating such good revenue in such a short period of time. Not only that, but our calculations show that our start-up will soar, with a projected income of more than 20-30 crores in the near future. This brings us great joy, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of devotion and hard effort. It is a long and exhausting process, but if you put your mind to something, you should definitely give it a shot. Thinking, planning, jotting down points, going over everything twice to ensure that there were no flaws, it is a long ride.

We are based on the current career-building culture, and we assist students in adding that extra 10% in the early lives by helping them learn and develop necessary skills. We provide live sessions, pdf notes, unlimited practise papers, test series, and much more. We also offer a diverse range of courses, jobs, and internships related to those skills plus we have our very own customized store from where students can buy any stationery items, laptop bags, coffee mugs, shirts and many other products. Also, on every new enrolment of any course, we give free affiliate marketing for students to promote their abilities.

Students who are having difficulty deciding what they want to do in the future are welcome to join us and explore how we can make a difference in their life. Students that enrol with us gain clarity about what they want. In this competition to be better than everyone else in every way, we’ve become the number one choice for students who aspire to be a rabbit or a tortoise in this race of life. We are preparing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to be role models for individuals who want to pursue their passions without being pressured by others.

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