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NLP Coach Hema Raju on Manifestation & Happiness



If our mind is ready to do it, it is half done. It is a scientifically proven fact that our mind is the most powerful weapon that we hold. It can make us successful or can turn success into huge failure. With vicious things around it is the deadliest thing and with proper mentorship and guidance it can help you live a life that is prosperous, successful, and joyful.

Irrespective of what your age is, what your profession or gender is it is an omniverse and universal fact that your mind tends to drive you to the paths that are your subconscious thoughts. Mind heals you and it makes you stronger, showing you the light in the life where you discover your purpose and live to it, it just needs a coach to channel the powers and vibrations that mind has, that minds store within it. Observing how important it is so important, Hema Raju came up with the idea of the Infinite Brain.

Hema Raju is Manifestation and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach who has been guiding people from different backgrounds and profession with their lives. Be it students, working professional, household male and females. She has helped, guided and amazed people with her fusion tools, to create unbelievable manifestations in their lives. NLP is one such technique that holds power to change life of an individual for the best.

There are various trainers and coaches who teach you either healing your pains or teach you the psychological tools to achieve your goals but Hema is one who combines the Brain programming tools with concepts of spirituality that help you raise your vibrations and match the frequency of whatever you desire to achieve.

Manifestation have shown instant changes and brought mind-blowing positive outcomes even from the 1st session. Be it health issues, business hurdles aur relationship worries, or any current reality everything gets aligned with  Hema’s strategies and techniques. 

NLP is not just about a particular trait but an overall development that includes every inch starting from personality, attitude to all round development and this is what Hema believes in. While working with her clients, she takes a holistic approach and helps rewiring the brain and create a complete PARADIGM shift in very effective and impactful way.

Hema says, “Happiness in not an option, but a choice” she is a firm believer of the fact that if one chooses to remain happy no one can steal that art from you. She realised this at a very young age and now she helps other realise and attain the same. Her journey as an NLP and Manifestation coach, as a professional started just four years ago but before that academically she is a Commerce Graduate with over 13 years of experience in Finance. She had been practicing this for herself as early as 13yrs of age, she was fascinated and the more she dived into the more she interested she grew and soon this made her start a side hustle which is now her full-time passion and career. After seeing how it was a heads up for her, she started doing it more often. “It helped people broaden their limited mindset and the results were great” says Hema Raju.

It was not late that she quit the full-time corporate job where she was earning five figures but she dropped out of it and chose to start something of her own and with her brilliance and dedication in less than a year the business, the Infinite Brain has generated 6 figures monthly to Hema Raju. All within one year, she got into as a full-time entrepreneur and a therapist. Certified Art Therapist, NLP Master Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, And Law of Attraction Expert.

Her clients range from diverse field and she has helped people revive from all kinds of challenges like skin problems, PCOD, Money flow in business, healing, relationship challenges, past traumas, behavioural issues, self-concept and healing. Let us have a look on what her clients have to say about her services;

Monsiha Ravichandran writes,

“This workshop has taught me to try stay positive and look at things in a different perspective and ways to connect to the higher intelligence. I am now able to be more assertive in my opinions and decisions and I see it as a first step towards manifesting my dreams.”

Narasimhan Jammi writes,

“I am an emotionless person, but even before the program could end I noticed I have started feeling emotions within me for lot of aspects of life including money after 40yrs. I started manifesting back to back new business ventures completely from nowhere, and my clashes with clients even without taking legal actions(when I was on verge of moving legally Hema stopped me).”

Cherma Kani writes,

“I came to coach with a ZERO bank balance, she motivated me to borrow a partial amount for coaching, and I followed it as a last resort, she said pay balance after manifesting. And by the end of just 21 days, I received stuck money of almost 260000/- I total and also got a new freelancing opportunity that became permanent in just 2 months and also I started my own Tarot card reading profession and not only that my year old skin allergy just vanished”

She on the mission to help one million people with her knowledge, techniques and strategies. It helps them to choose what and which happiness you perceive irrespective of whatever be their current reality. In her journey she has been supported by her family and friends, even when she quit her job, her decision was brace. She says, “As every successful man has an empowering woman, the pillar behind my success  are these men; my father whose values have made me what I am and that I live today, and my spouse who has ensured to support my mission no matter whatsoever circumstances. He came forward to give up any reservations that would hinder my happiness always.”

She has motivated many people and one thing that she always says is, “You don’t go to your goals, you attract them.”

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