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“No Need to Compete Just Dominate your Market” Said by Dark Horse of Indian SEO Industry – Sunil Pratap Singh



You Shouldn’t Worry about Competition because Sunil Pratap Singh (SEO Consultant) knows how to “Bury Your Competitors Online”.

Attention: This guy believes in non-violence. No one is to be physically or mentally hurt during your online growth process designed by Sunil Pratap Singh. 🙂

The digital world is capturing on a fast track all the business marketing to make them meet their customer crowd in bulk despite misguided lack of a correct set of market dominance tricks. If you don’t want to see yourself lying on the plate of your competitors, catch hold of the digital exponential raise from the footsteps of SEO Guy, Mr. Sunil Pratap Singh.

Mr. Sunil Pratap Singh is a man of values, who never rests until the last stone gets turned for flawless success meet. His excellent SEO expertise waves reached us and triggered us to get some drops from the ocean of knowledge. We reached to meet him and his humble attitude made us speechless with the heart-touching sweet memory.

While we were sipping tea, my question leaked out from my throat, you used to be an electronics engineer and now you consult & teach SEO and you do SEO. How did that happen? He threw a mild experienced smile with simplicity and said I started my career after back in 2010 as a service engineer in a reputed mobility brand. 

He continued his sharing and told me, Things happened and I was unemployed. Then, I started searching on Google ( Sometimes Yahoo ) for ” How to earn money online” and I got scammed a few times by survey filling, email reading, & data entry scam companies. After a few months, I had a list of things that I didn’t need to do to earn money online. And then I started skilling myself for SEO, Social Media, and other skills that paid well online from freelancing work. That’s how I met SEO.

Further, he shared his current working aura and informed, Now, that I am running an Agency Named FansGain  & Digital Marketing / SEO Training Institute – Marketer Academy Based in Ghaziabad. 

Then my curiosity blasted with a bite of the spicy crunch of snacks with the recent demand of young researchers, can you share some success stories about your SEO Journey? Sure, Let’s Start with the recent one. I am working with an Apple Authorised Partner in India.  They have 7 Apple Stores in Sonipat, Delhi, Gurugram, Ambala & Yamunanagar. 

He went into a flow of sharing and told, In 8 Months of Local SEO, we have grown from 0 to 120 Organic Clicks /Day, ranking in the top 2 for all 7 locations ( Outranked JustDial, Other Apple Partners, India Mart & big brands), Ranking for total 1217 Keywords ( 9th Sept 2022) & 500+ Keywords in Top 3 Position. Gurgaon, Store’s Google My Business Profiles business interactions( Calls, Messages, Website Clicks) Increased by 2000% ( from Last Year). Rohini & Ashok Vihar, Store’s Google My Business Profiles business interactions( Calls, Messages, Website Clicks) Increased by 1000-2000% ( from Last Year).

There are other successful SEO case studies in various industries such as B2B Industrial Manufacturers – Boiler Manufacturer has grown from 60 daily website traffic to 700/day organic traffic and 500+ monthly leads from SEO and Google Ads. Grinding Wheel manufacturer has grown to the top 3 manufacturers in India. In terms of industry domination, it is winning market clicks and audiences against multinational brands(same domain) in India.

Now we went into a deep search, how do you do that? Is there any secret formula? Would you mind sharing?   He unfolded, Being an SEO & Digital marketing trainer, I have developed a habit of sharing things with my trainees, so I don’t mind sharing what I have in my bucket. There is no secret or winning formula when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization process. I would like to share my learning from doing SEO which may answer your question. 

Think beyond ranking Keywords. CTR ( Click-through Rate) is more important than Position.  Google is queen but the customer is king. Content without the right intent is the worst thing in SEO. Plan SEO before designing your business website. Do – Analyze – Optimize ( Repeat Every Week /Month). Google Search Console is the Best FREE SEO Tool available on the Internet. Put User experience before Google Bot’s experience. Always remember “ Opportunities never ends so don’t stop”.

Our greed was not stopping at all and that forced us to ask, do you have any suggestions for business owners who are not yet started online promotions? Now is the right Time. Keep in mind, that they ( your competitors) have already started.

So, take your next step and visit for more details via the links:  or

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