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Nynedge provides India’s First State-of-the-art IT Project Management Solutions



Small and middle-sized companies want to partially or fully automate their business processes to make themselves more effective and efficient. They hire a team of software engineers or outsource the software development to an external agency to develop their business software. But often their wish for automation of their processes are not easily fulfilled, and there are innumerable hitches, resulting in frustration as well as financial losses. Sometimes they even end up getting something that is a far cry from their original requirement and expectation.

Companies often neglect the project management part while developing a complex application or enterprise software. They do not hire a project manager and instead totally rely on the software company for completion of the product without knowing the credentials of the software company and the risk management involved.

Also, small and medium sized companies are often reluctant to hire high salaried full time Project Managers for a short duration project.

Understanding this need of the hour, Nynedge has come up with India’s first state-of-the-art IT Project Management Solutions for such companies. The best solution for these companies is to outsource the responsibility of their product to us and avail our project management solution services and get the maximum benefit of our experience and expertise.

Need for Nynedge’s IT Project Management

Nynedge’s Project Management is not about Key Accounts Management which only involves looking after the needs of the client. It is the use of specific knowledge, expertise, tools, and techniques leading to the completion of the IT Management Project. Our complete project management involves several steps which are as follows:

  • Understanding of client requirement
  • Core analysis of the project
  • Developing strategies
  • Connect with technical designers, programmers and database architecture
  • Create a project plan with sprint on every parameter
  • Execute project plan with Agile Methodology
  • Managing the team to ensure productivity
  • Delivery of project as per milestones given
  • Testing and fixing of Bugs
  • Getting the project live

The presence of our Project Management Team can be helpful as we would take responsibility for the product from the stage of initiation to completion. We will handle all the areas which might cause project delays and hitches and ensure the project completes on time.

About Nynedge

Nynedge has been providing IT Project Management Solutions to small and mid-level companies since 2006. Their expert team of Project Managers handles each and every task intensively and has satisfied customers from different parts of the world. Some of their international clients are in the USA(North America), UK, Europe, and Australia. They also have clients within India, in the cities of Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore and so on. They use Agile methodology to quickly complete their client’s project successfully and get rewarded by their customers, turning into their advocates due to the excellent customer experience received by them.

Nynedge Helps their clients manage projects better

Nynedge team ensures that their client’s business processes are fully or partially automated as per their requirement and helps in bringing down their development cost by 36.7%.

Nynedge follows a simple protocol: They represent the company that avails their service and completely takes over managing the project their client has entrusted them. This includes planning the project, implementing the same, and managing the IT team or company that has been hired to develop the software. Nynedge takes it upon themselves to ensure the project is successfully completed hassle-free within the given time frame. If the client has not appointed any IT firm, Nynedge helps them hire a team of developers/coders and takes responsibility to manage them till the completion of the entire project. Nynedge’s project management tool enables clients to track the progress of each and every task and subtask, eliminating the need of hiring an in-house project manager.


Our Services includes:

  • IT Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Software Architecture Diagram & Design
  • Sales Administration Software
  • Human Resource Management Software
  • Enterprise Software Development

Industries we cater to

Industries we have worked with includes:

  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Tour and travel
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Logistics
  • Bullions
  • Real Estate

Testimonials from clients

When we got connected with the Nynedge team over Linkedin, we had no idea about how their IT Project Management Solutions can help us. We had appointed an IT Company to develop our SCM ( supply chain management) software, but there was a long delay in the completion of the project with several long term issues remaining unresolved. During the course of our discussion with the Nynedge team, we were made to realise that the software company was failing to understand our core requirements, and this was causing delays and issues. We decided to hire Nynedge for this IT Project Management, and their CEO Kaushik personally took responsibility for the project and wowed us by getting it completed within only 85 days with the same team. If you have hired a software development company and are facing similar problems, I would recommend hiring Nynedge as a third-party Project Management”  – Amar Deb, Vice President in an MNC

“We have worked with Nynedge while developing our Real Estate CRM and ERP solution. Our own team was developing the product, and for some reason, they were unable to create a design flow maintaining the complex norms and rules which US realtors had to abide by. When we connected with Kaushik C from Nynedge, I found that he is not only the best in Project Management, he is also an excellent business strategist as well as a software architecture genius. He helped our team overcome the problems they were facing and helped in the completion of the project successfully. Thank you, Kaushik, for your support!”  – Ray Scott, CoreRealtor, Miami, Florida. US.

Before engaging software developers and engaging us for project management, it will be a more cost-effective option to avail of our IT Consultancy service first.

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Release Date: 22nd August 2021

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