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“Opportunities don’t happen you create them, says Kunal Mendon – Owner of Isq group of resorts and Premium Villas”



They say, the most difficult moment in anyone’s career is the starting of it, but once they are in, they are in and emerge as the king. Indeed and hence proved with the success story of Kunal Mendon who with his passion for learning kept soaring high and is considered as the king of hospitality Industry with a credit 50 hotels and resorts in Maharashtra crossing over 70 crores turnover at this young age. Doesn’t it sound Amazing?

Kunal always is a sort of eager beaver, spending almost 24 hours a day at work toiling hard, which made him quickly climb the ladder of the most successful group of hotels and resorts and premium villas all across Maharashtra. It is only because of his passion with what he does which is very well recognized in his field. Kunal’s strength was his ability to understand the needs and desires of customers that led him to build the foundation of Isq group of resorts, hotels and premium villas.

Kunal is known amongst his team for his tenacious work ethic and his decision making sense that made his hotels compete on the high level and thus pioneered the development of the group of hotels. His exceptional decision making sense has given him plenty of opportunities to even turn an unlikely situation around thereby earning a good reputation for the hotel along with customer loyalty and satisfaction. His innovative ideas and fantastic insights into the industry are appreciated by all from his team. He always had a strange knack of continuously finding new ways to fulfill his guests’ expectations and this love, care and concern helped him go well on his way.

Kunal’s story of roaring success is worth a mention. He desired to be hotelier, thus approached his work with dedication and passion. His patience and perseverance towards the goal despite many bottlenecks at the end of it helped him achieve success. Born on *******he has defined the Indian hospitality Industry in a whole new way starting from 1 to 50 chain of resorts, villas and hotels at such a young age is not an ordinary feet.

Success and content both are parts of his inner dedication defined by his attitude towards work that made him won 3 prestigious Indian business Awards felicitated by the famous Bollywood personalities.

– In the year 2019 Isq group of resorts was felicitated as the fastest growing hospitality company

– In the year 2019 Isq group of resorts was felicitated as the fastest growing start up in hospitality sector.

– In the year 2019 Isq group of resorts was felicitated for outstanding hospitality service of the year.

Kunal always made sure that his resorts and villas to be more than just providing with accommodation, room and food services, but also with an overall innovative experience of other activities and services like Live concerts, Spas, poolside fun, fitness and yoga classes as per the guests needs and expectations. Keeping the guests safe is also of utmost priority for every hotel owners and it is perhaps the biggest concern, a great communication skill by listening to your guests, understanding their problems and valuing their feedback. And these innovative services from every team member of Isq group had turned a guest into a loyal customer. Apart from providing the best innovative experience to the guests Kunal always made sure to pay frequent visit to his hotels for every minor detail and so much more.

Making Isq group a chain of resort and villas was never an easy for Kunal as it takes a lot of conviction to build brand but he always said “Develop a passion for learning, If you do it you will never cease to grow” and this made him a firm believer of the happiness that comes from hard work and its learning and passion for it. Though in 2018 he has to go through various challenges and few losses but self faith and hard work never stopped him from achieving what he deserved to achieve, One just need to trust the process. In the midst of all sorts of challenges, he was successful to take his chain of resorts to the pinnacle of success which is certainly a matter to celebrate and an inspiration for all.

Speculation goes around that hotel Industry sometimes turns rough and gets continuously challenging by various factors but such is not the case for all if one has the right formula for success despite several challenges in the domain just like Kunal Mendon who has successfully grown 50 chain of resorts and premium villas under his helm, which hence proved if your dedication and intension is pure then ain’t no mountain high enough!

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