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Pallavi Deshmukh who stay in maharastra is classical dance artist by passion , entrepreneur and working as full time employee. 

She believes in educating girls progress the country.

 She says that everyone in country should support Girl child education , she recently announced she adopted a  girl child education along with her son shivaansh in association with ProjectBaalikavidya, she calls everyone for let’s join hands together for betterment tomorrow 

For her services to society ,She is Honored with the BAALIKAVIDYA SHAKTI Award 2022 along with emininent personalities across countries .

She says in her own words This janmastami is very  special to her for not only recieving the Baalikavidya shakti award but also achieving the BHARAT Book of records along with her son shivaansh.

She always feel super grateful to the life God given to her to service the society as an artist and as a women Enterpreuner and also as a working employee.

She says that she faced many obstacles in life still she survived with the passion to live a life of full .

She used you work for an girls orphanage in 2014 as a Teacher ,seen there life with many experiences and then she decided that day to do something for the children who are in need.

 She is happy to adopt another girl child education along with shivansh with the help of her husband

She is awarded with so many recognition like SAMSKARA SARASWATI,Tirupati bramotsavalu, Silicon Andhra kuchipudi gunnies world record, New Entrepreneur,etc.

She say Girls need to be independent ,confident and brave .Now a days they earn higher incomes equal to men,so they are equal in all aspects.They need to take responsibility of there parents as well as we do for our inlaws from decades.women build better futures for themselves and their families

As her vision matches with ProjectBaalikavidya vision ahe have joined hands with the team Baalikavidya 


Project Baalika Vidya is not merely a project about scholastic education, but it was a comprehensive plan to educate the girl child with contemporary modules of scholastic concepts, while educating them about their personal hygiene ality development, also includes specially curated courses on different career opportunities along with rural development.

India is one country which have majority of population in rural areas, so trying to develop rural India might be a big step towards making our country a developed country rather than a long-time status of developing country.

And we strongly believe when we educate a girl child, we educate the country. Thus, we do our part in building stronger nation of tomorrow.

Project Baalika Vidya is to support One lakh Rural Girl Children to continue their education, to turn their dreams true. In the first step we are focusing on supporting 1000 rural girl children as a pilot project so that we can better understand the pros and cons to move forward towards our big dream of 1 lakh Rural Girl Children.

Each beneficiary of Baalika Vidya Project is supposed to get a edu-tab (customised tablet-pc) with a preloaded app iScool* which contains free internet resources links for all topics covered in scholastic education, along with them links to many free courses offered by world renown Universities and academies like Harvard and Massachusetts gives access to students to learn courses in demand at free of cost at their own pace of time.

And the certified courses curated by us helps them to learn about personal hygiene, personality development, and different career opportunities too.

There will be no exam such things to complete our courses but have to go through two assignments

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