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PAROVA: India’s Top Dedicated Drone Co. & Service Provider



The drone is an invention that has changed the lives of people altogether. From surveillance to delivering food and medicine, it has reduced time, replaced the workforce and opened paths to new spheres. 

Rohith Dacharla entered the field at a very young age, and his passion for missiles, flight technology and aviation. But before, these things were very different for him. Reaching beyond limits was always his aim but his journey was not a cakewalk. His family did not support him in his passion due to various constraints leading him to pursue a degree in Computer Science, but they supported me later.

The spark turned into a fire when Rohith got a chance to fly an aircraft with the help of a wing commander organized by the Indian Air Force in Vijayawada a few years ago. After dropping out of his degree, he joined aeronautics, continued his research about flying machines, and established PAROVA.

Establishing his own company was a tough yet fruitful task, and he says, “I faced a lot of difficulties, but this not be a lie if I say that I enjoyed the process. I learned much more during that particular phase than I could ever.” He adds, “I left college in my final year and started my lab.” The lab was dedicated to building nano drones and nano projectiles for the Indian Military. Though he was primarily ambitious and passionate about it, he belonged to a non-aero background and faced many difficulties in different aspects. As he established the lab and started working on the project, he realized that he did not have the apt skill set and knowledge; but he did not give up. 

Rohith says, “There was no point in denial. I accepted that I lacked knowledge and started working on it.” He started with reading, the basic step, and then he contacted people who were experts in the field of aeronautical and aerospace engineering. Another problem he faced was that of funds; his family was unaware of his venture, so he never asked them for any financial aid, which he took as an opportunity to work, learn and earn— and then one day, everything paid off one day.

Three years ago, Rohith Dacharla opened his first office in a small garage with a damaged rooftop but gradually, with time, the damaged roof was changed. Three years later, in the year 2022, PAROVA was honoured with Best Business Startup Award and brought into the line of Most Promising R&D Startup of the Year at GTF Startup Summit Organized by MSME. His vision changed the future of PAROVA and also the end of millions of young researchers and aero enthusiasts.

Today PAROVA has become one of the most trustworthy companies and has made a way into people’s hearts. PAROVA is the only first consultancy company that provides exclusive services for drones. All the professionals working here are experts with years of experience. Recently, a co-founder has joined the team of PAROVA, Pramila Jangid, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert keenly interested in helping PAROVA reach new heights. Soon PAROVA plans to upgrade globally and make its mark in the global market. 

It is a one-stop destination for all unmanned systems. 

From None support to number ONE company

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