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Maulik Patel: Studio Beunique’s Passionate Entrepreneurship



Maulik Patel’s journey from a hobbyist photographer to the founder of Studio Beunique is a story of passion, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. Maulik has always been drawn to the world of art and creativity, spending countless hours drawing and painting as a child. As he grew older, he began to explore different art forms, including music and photography.

It was during his college days when he received his first camera as a gift from his parents that his passion for photography was ignited. He quickly fell in love with the process of capturing moments and began to experiment with different techniques and styles. Maulik started shooting weddings for his friends and family, and his early success as a wedding photographer was a testament to his talent and dedication.

As his popularity grew, he received requests for his services from people outside his immediate circle, which led to the inception of Studio Beunique. Today, Studio Beunique has a team of 20 talented individuals who work together to deliver exceptional results. Their unique approach to wedding photography, which captures the essence of each wedding they shoot, has led to a loyal customer base.

In addition to being a popular wedding photography studio, Studio Beunique has diversified its services to include fashion and commercial photography. They have expanded their team to include experienced fashion photographers, stylists, and makeup artists who work together to create stunning fashion photographs.

Studio Beunique’s fashion photography services cover a wide range of styles, from high-end fashion to lifestyle and editorial photography. They have worked with renowned fashion brands and designers, producing images that capture the essence of their brands.

It’s worth noting that Maulik Patel’s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed in the entertainment industry. He has worked with several celebrities, including Madhuri Dixit, Alankrita Sahai, Parul Gulati, and many more.

Working with celebrities has allowed Maulik to expand his portfolio and showcase his skills in various settings. It has also helped him gain recognition in the industry, which has led to more opportunities and collaborations.

Maulik’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to exploring new techniques and styles have made him one of the most respected photographers in the industry. His ability to capture emotions and tell stories through his images is a testament to his love for art and creativity, which will undoubtedly continue to inspire him throughout his career.

In addition to his successful career as a photographer and founder of Studio Beunique, Maulik Patel is also part of the Sony India influencer community. As a Sony influencer. His passion for photography and commitment to excellence have made him a valuable member of the Sony influencer community, and his work continues to inspire and influence others in the industry.

In conclusion, Maulik Patel’s lifelong connection with art and creativity drew him to the world of photography, which has now become his passion. His entrepreneurial spirit and hard work have led to the creation of Studio Beunique, which has become one of the most sought-after photography studios in the industry. Maulik’s passion for photography and his dedication to his craft have enabled him to create stunning images that capture the essence of his clients’ most important moments.

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