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Pavan’s Journey: Inspiring Entrepreneurs with Dream Business



Pavan Kumar’s journey as an entrepreneur is a story of persistence, passion, and a deep sense of social responsibility. He completed his B.Com in Computers and he has 11 years of experience in the banking industry and a further 3 years of experience in franchise businesses. 

Born in a farmer’s family, always had a dream to become an entrepreneur and start something of his own. Despite having a background in banking, he pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. His experience in the franchise business gave him valuable insights into the industry and equipped him with the skills he needed to launch his own brand.

He observed a gap in the market for flavored coffee and decided to fill it with his unique non-alcoholic flavored coffee, tea, and cold coffee offerings. which inspired him to create a unique product that would stand out in the crowded market. He identified the need for non-alcoholic flavored coffee, tea, and cold coffee, and with his entrepreneurial spirit, he started Brooingbrea Cafe Pvt Ltd with its headquarters in Hyderabad. He named his brand as “Boring Banker Cafe,” which not only reflects his background in the banking industry but also adds a touch of humour to his brand.

From the outset, Pavan knew that he wanted to serve premium quality products at affordable prices to all segments of society. He understood that his business was not just about making money but also about creating a positive impact on society. Pavan vision is to expand his business -pan-India level and to create employment opportunities in society to fulfill their dreams. This shows his deep commitment to the welfare of society.

Starting a business in the food industry is not an easy task, and Pavan knew that he would face challenges along the way. However, he was determined to overcome these challenges and provide a solution to the problems faced by new entrepreneurs in his sector. He identified the lack of support and guidance as a significant issue, which led to many brands opening and shutting down within a month. To address this problem, Pavan founded BBC, which provides services such as site visits, branding, digital marketing, startup kit, and training to new entrepreneurs.

Pavan dedication and hard work have paid off, and his self-funding has earned him recognition as the BEST EMERGING COFFEE BRAND from Nationwide Awards presented by Business Mint. This is a testament to his confidence in his vision and his ability to execute it successfully. Within three months, BBC has opened five outlets and received over ten bookings in three states, which is an outstanding achievement for any new business.

Pavan’s entrepreneurial journey is a true inspiration for anyone who has a dream of starting a business. His story shows that with the right mindset, dedication, and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals. His commitment to serving society by creating employment opportunities and providing support to new entrepreneurs is truly admirable. Pavan’s journey teaches us that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves and our vision.

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