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PortDent: A Portable home dental clinic in Jaipur by Dr Pankaj Gupta that provides portable dental services at home



Portable dentistry is a unique dental service provided by PortDent in Jaipur that gives home dentistry patients such as physically challenged and homebound patients with comfortable dental treatment and care to improve their overall health and quality of life. Practising healthy oral hygiene is of utmost importance irrespective of all age groups to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums, improving appearance and lifestyle. PortDent makes it possible by bringing a dentist to your home at a significantly low cost.

 Oral health should be equally prioritized, just like physical health, as a single problem in the mouth can affect your overall health. With an initiative to promote oral hygiene practices, PortDent came to provide in house treatment in Jaipur.

PortDent came into being in 2019 by Dr Pankaj Gupta, the founder and CEO, intending to provide portable dentist treatment at the convenience of the people with a one-stop solution for all dental problems. Dr Pankaj was always inclined towards doing something innovative like helping people and solve their any difficulties. He observed India is still behind other countries in terms of dental awareness. He realized that portable dentistry could be a unique innovation in solving many problems that people face due to fast-moving life. At that time, he pursued BDS as UG so that he could gain knowledge from depth about every single little aspect of dentistry.

PortDent is an active and emerging organization that treats every patient with utmost care and compassion. They leave no stone unturned in providing world-class treatment for every individual suffering from different oral health issues at their convenience and an affordable cost.

Still, there are vast numbers of the population who neglect dental issues and do not take them seriously, which grows and affects overall health. Dr Pankaj states, “There are many people who do not go to the dental clinic for a preventive check-up, so we made it easier for them by providing dental consultation at their home. Every dental problem can be solved on time, and for that, a regular visit to a dental clinic is a must. At least full mouth cleaning and polishing reduces most of the dental problems.”

PortDent Provides a wide range of benefits to the Companies as lack of oral hygiene of employees might create a negative impact on their image in front of clients that can affect the company’s idea. They have specific packages, especially for the corporate, that can help build a positive mindset of employees towards the company. They also set a 7 Days Camp with 6 hr a day free consultation and free digital x-rays at the camp together with Dental cleaning (Scaling) at 50% discount, or if there is a requirement for other treatment, they get it done at a 20% discount. 

PortDent spares no effort in making their employees feel important and appreciated. They also provide many benefits to the employees’ family members with a free consultation and free digital x-rays at the camp with Dental cleaning at 50% off. Other treatments are provided at a reasonable rate. 

The myriad of services offered by PortDent includes:


– Dental pain relief

– Filling

– Tooth Cleaning and Polishing

– Fix Replacement of missing teeth

– Root Canal treatment

– Complete and partial removal denture

– Digital Dental X-ray

PortDent offers dental treatment at your doorstep by setting up a full-fledged dental clinic with state-of-the-art equipment right at your home. They provide a wide range of dental solutions for all age groups, reducing the need to travel. 

PortDent also offers free consultation and free Dental X-rays to the High court members and their referrals. Furthermore, they also provide a 20% discount on treatment and a 50% discount on cleaning.

Shining moment

– PortDent have successfully managed to provide dental consultation and treatment to about 1000 people in Jaipur and nearby rural areas through various oral health check-up programs.

– They have successfully provided mobile dental services to people at home, especially to the bedridden and old patients who couldn’t travel.

Dr Pankaj Gupta provides essential tips for all the people “everybody must go for tooth cleaning and polishing once in a year and maintain it by brushing their teeth at least twice a day, it will help you maintain oral hygiene.”

You can download the PortDent Application from Google Playstore for Appointment by just logging in through a pin; besides, you can also book group appointments at corporate offices, societies, colleges, schools and so on together with various offers. You can also contact them via call or Whatsaap @ 9352758093

Facebook – @portdentindia

Instagram – @portdentindia

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