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Pranshul Verma

Percentilers Online CAT Coaching has emerged as a leading player in the field of CAT (Common Admission Test) preparation, boasting an impressive student success rate of 47.3%. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of exceptional results, Percentilers has become synonymous with success in the CAT industry. Offering a 95%ile guarantee in CAT, this coaching institute has witnessed over 1000 students securing admissions into top B-schools in the past two years alone. Let’s explore the key factors that set Percentilers apart and contribute to its remarkable achievements.

Unrivaled Success Rate:

With a student success rate of 47.3%, Percentilers Online CAT Coaching stands at the pinnacle of the CAT coaching industry. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the institute’s comprehensive teaching methodologies, expert faculty, and personalized approach to learning. By combining innovative teaching techniques with a rigorous curriculum, Percentilers ensures that its students are well-prepared to tackle the challenging CAT examination.

95%ile Guarantee in CAT:

One of the standout features of Percentilers Online CAT Coaching is its 95%ile guarantee in CAT. This unique assurance instills confidence in aspiring CAT candidates and serves as a testament to the institute’s unwavering commitment to their success. By offering this guarantee, Percentilers sets itself apart from its competitors and establishes a benchmark of excellence that has propelled numerous students to achieve remarkable percentiles in the CAT examination.

Impressive Track Record:

Over the past two years, Percentilers has witnessed an exceptional number of its students being accepted into top B-schools. With more than 1000 students securing admissions in esteemed institutions, Percentilers has established itself as a trusted pathway to success in the CAT examination. The institute’s meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive course offerings, and dedicated faculty have played a crucial role in shaping the destinies of aspiring MBA candidates.

 Expert Faculty and Achieving 100 Percentile:

Percentilers prides itself on its faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of CAT preparation. These esteemed professionals not only possess a thorough understanding of the CAT examination but also actively participate in it, with faculty members achieving the coveted 100 percentile on seven occasions to date. This remarkable achievement not only showcases the expertise of the faculty but also serves as a constant source of inspiration for the students.

 Holistic Approach and Supportive Features:

Percentilers Online CAT Coaching provides a holistic approach to learning, with various supportive features designed to enhance students’ overall preparation. The institute offers small batches, allowing for personalized attention and effective interaction between students and faculty. The unmute facility in live classes promotes active engagement and fosters a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, the institute provides 1-1 live doubt sessions, ensuring that students receive individualized guidance and have their queries addressed promptly.

Moreover, Percentilers goes beyond academic support by offering weekly academic and psychological counseling sessions. This comprehensive approach addresses not only the academic challenges but also the emotional and psychological aspects of CAT preparation.

Percentilers Online CAT Coaching has set new standards in the CAT industry with its exceptional success rate, 95%ile guarantee, and a multitude of students securing admissions in top B-schools. The institute’s expert faculty, coupled with their 100 percentile achievements, instills confidence and motivation in aspiring CAT candidates. The supportive features, such as small batches, unmute facilities, and personalized doubt sessions, contribute to an enriched learning experience. By offering end-to-end courses covering CAT, non-CAT exams, and GDPI (Group Discussion, Personal Interview), Percentilers has established itself as a trusted partner for students aiming to excel in their CAT journey.

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