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Pratik Jain Explores Blockchain Opportunities



Meet Pratik Jain >

  • Director at GlobalVox LLC:  a USA headquartered software consultancy and development company
  • Founder of TheBlockchainTeam:- a company registered in Europe focusing on Blockchain and Crypto projects 
  • Founder of BigDeal:- a decentralized auction platform based on Solana Blockchain 

Blockchain achievements:

  • Certified blockchain professional from C4 (cryptocurrency consortium Canada)
  • Professional Certificate in blockchain from IIT, Kanpur

Let’s dive deeper to understand his thoughts through an exclusive interview now.

Building it From Scratch:

“I thought Bitcoin was some fancy new technology before starting a blockchain-based project that we chanced upon in early 2017. ”

Pratik’s journey in the blockchain space began very differently than how others may have entered the Blockchain industry. He was approached in January 2017 by a client who was looking for a tech partner to build a platform that would take investments and then give handsome returns. Pratik was intrigued to see that the platform was indeed giving handsome returns to its investors – month on month. On further understanding with the client, he discovered the world of Bitcoin and the underlying technology of blockchain. Later on, with the same client they developed a full-fledged peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. 

With time his interest in blockchain tech grew deeper and he realized the power, objective, and vision that Bitcoin possessed.

Know the Blockchain Community:

“If there are local events or gatherings, I try to attend as many as possible to stay connected to the blockchain community.”

This was 2017 and the world was still waking up to the power of this new tech. Pratik got a chance as a speaker on various platforms to share his knowledge. “Gaining more knowledge goes hand in hand with your intention to share it.” Pratik lives by these words and makes every effort to travel and attend as many events as possible – domestic as well as international. 

He recently attended the World Auction Summit in Dubai and the Solana Blockchain summit held in Texas, USA – both in 2022.

More About Big Deal:

We are coming up with our decentralized auction platform where we have gamified more than 7 different types of auction mechanisms. We will be launching our own token as well soon.” 

In addition, he plans to launch his own cryptocurrency for the same purpose.

“I make it a point that all my team are pushed towards a lot of learning and upskilling”

Pratik is pretty selective about the people he associates with – hiring the best and ensuring that his team is constantly learning, upskilling, and earning certifications.

“We usually don’t hire freshers but are open to hiring an Intern/Fresher, who comes in with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and is really excited to make a career in Blockchain. Also every year we send our best candidates to client sites in USA and Europe”

In between running multiple ventures, Pratik enjoys speaking about blockchain technology.

Additionally, he intends to create a Discord/Telegram group, connecting Blockchain developers across the world. The objective of this group is to learn and share knowledge. 

Despite the market crash in 2018 and 2019, Pratik went ahead with a strategic business move to build a Blockchain team because he believes in the power of blockchain technology.

He is proud of his Blockchain team and they are currently working on multiple projects along with their own in-house products. They are working on cryptocurrencies, wallets, NFTs, Defi applications, Launchpads, Exchanges, and more.

I want to 10x my current team size and revenue”

His goal for 2023 is to become one of the country’s top blockchain development and consulting firms and has devised a very solid strategy to accomplish the same.

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