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Prem Ki Deewar in Moradabad | Innovative move in Moradabad by Prem Sweets



Who is Prem Sweets?

Prem Sweets & Bakers is one of the most popular sweets shops in Moradabad. We have been serving delicious food for 31 years. Our sweets & bakery shop is famous for providing people with quality items. We are constantly striving to spread love through our sweets and bakery. Prem Sweets prepares its food with high hygiene standards while keeping the health of its customers in mind. We provide a variety of delicious food such as jalebi, imarti, khasta, chole-bhature, and aloo puri.

We are online now!

Thousands of businesses were shut down during the COVID-19 lockdown. Businesses that didn’t have any online presence suffered the most. Prem Sweets managed to survive the pandemic because of its deep connection with its audience in Moradabad. Having a digital presence as a business has its own advantages, like your audience can connect with you easily whenever they want.

That’s why we decided to build an online presence to connect with our audience on a deeper level. We started by taking our Google reviews into consideration and have now launched our own website.

Prem Sweets always connects with its audience via various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

We care about our offline audience too.

With the digitalisation of Prem Sweets, we haven’t forgotten about our store visitors. We are very deeply connected with our consumers in Moradabad. That is why we are always innovating to provide people with a heartwarming experience when they visit us.

We have recently transformed one side of our store in Ram Ganga Vihar, Phase – 2 into a beautiful picture point for our visitors.

To strengthen our love bond with our audience, we have named it Prem Ki Deewar. People can come to Prem Sweets, enjoy their sweets/ snacks, and capture their memories with Prem Ki Deewar.

December is the month of cakes because of Christmas & New Year. People get exhausted with the load (both bakers as well as consumers) of so many cakes. We at Prem Sweets have a very efficient team of workers that are trained to handle immense order loads.

That’s why we decided to decorate Prem Ki Deewar with a giant cake for Christmas & New Year.

To encourage people to capture their sweet moments, we are running a picture contest on Instagram with the hashtags #PremKiDeewar & #UthaKeDikhao. We encourage people to come to our place with their family and friends, take pictures, and post them on Instagram, tagging Prem Sweets.

The winner of the contest will be announced on 1st January, 2022, and will receive a surprise gift from Prem Sweets.

You are most welcome to join us at Prem Sweets if you are from Moradabad.

Contest details

To enter into the contest, make sure you follow the guidelines listed below otherwise, your entry into the contest will not be considered.

Step 1:

✓ Photo: Click a picture with Prem Ki Deewar. (Prem Ki Deewar is an excellent spot for clicking photos, especially if you are in Moradabad with your friends, family, or kids. It would be a joy to take some photos at Prem Sweets)

Step 2:

✓ FOLLOW: Follow @premsweetsmbd on Instagram (To take part in our recent contest, you should follow us on Instagram. or if you would like to stay updated about our latest sweets, cakes etc.)

Step 3:

✓ TAG: Tag your three friends in comments (Tag your three friends who may take part in the contest, please tag them in the comments section below)

Step 4:

✓ Hashtag: Upload your picture using the hashtags #PremKiDeewar 

#UthaKeDikhao #PremSweetsMoradabad

We have just started innovating.

As we continue to digitise, we do not intend to stop here anytime soon. Prem Sweets will continue innovating ways to connect and interact with its consumers, both online and offline. This is why we are one of the best sweets shops in Moradabad.

You can follow us on Instagram to see all the innovative ideas that we are implementing in Moradabad.


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