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Presenting the finest collection of Indian poetry in English, edited by critically acclaimed writer and poet Abhay Sarkaria.



Ghuhels’ is a collection of both contemporary and classic poetry written with the belief that ‘life can still be beautiful amidst all the rejections, pain and disillusions of the world.’

Jammu poet Abhay Sarkaria released his second book of poetry titled, Ghuhels. The book, released recently, has been published by The 2Am Thoughts Publication.

According to the 22-year-old poet hailing from Rs Pura in Jammu, Ghuhels tries to give hope to any individual on this planet who has lost their faith in life. His previous book, The Golden Orion, has been shelved in the Library of Jammu University.

In his latest book, Abhay has tried to bring out the bitter reality of the world through some of the poems. At the same time, some of his writings fill the hearts of readers with hope and faith. They encourage readers to believe in one’s own dreams.

“Ghuhels is a collection of contemporary and classic poetry written with a sincere belief that life can still be a beautiful dream amidst all the rejections, pain, and disillusions of the world. No matter how small our dreams may seem at times, they flow. We must cope with the tides of life and bloom like strong and beautiful tulips in the sun, undeterred by disgrace and storm. If the poems in this book can inspire at least one weary soul to embrace ‘hope’ one more time with faith, I shall be grateful and consider my wish fulfilled,” says Abhay.

Deeply in love with poetry, he is inspired by life, love, and nature and believes that humanity is the only religion that can heal the world. A few of his poems were published in local newspapers, and some of his initial poems appeared in state-level nominations.

Ghuhels can be bought on the Amazon,

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