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Propproper – Helping Individuals To Have Proper Homes!



Ever heard about Real Estate properties? This term was recorded for the first time in the 16th century! In today’s date, who does not wish to have an asset of their own self? But then, uncountable problems and questions arise at times! People often fail to find a verified buyer. Individuals before buying properties always want some expert guidance to make the correct decision. Many do not know about the marketing strategies, but want to keep a track of the regular selling process. Most of the time couples want to decorate their apartment beautifully with modern furniture, but do not want to spend much money on it. Such kind of the above-mentioned problems have got a one-stop solution.

Propproper is a website where you can find the top Real Estate Properties present in India. Most of the people got their proper homes or apartments with the help of this website. The job of this website is to ease the task of both buyers and as well as the sellers. Propproper has made the concept of Real Estate much simpler and easier! The website always asks your budget within which you want to own a Real Estate. Isn’t this idea an amazing one? This field helps individuals to find their proper home for which each one has been longing for!


Propproper is a platform which is especially based in India and it deals with buying, selling and renting properties. Not only these, but this website also helps you to find a proper PG or a Plot according to your budget, convenience and nearest locations. Paying the rent of your apartment or maybe signing the rent agreement, is no more an issue now! Those days are absolutely gone and are no more creating obstacles in an individual’s path to go ahead. Specifically in this pandemic period, if you are worried about the sanitization facility of your newly bought home, do not worry at all, because Propproper provides one with the best sanitization facilities and has got the complete ability to set your dearest home germ free.


The slogan of the company Propproper is, ‘Will Help To Find Your Dream Home’. In India, homes are still a fantasy of a number of people and they are not able to find a proper one for themselves because of various sorts of difficulties which are unpredictable and arrive now and then. Finding the appropriate one is no more an issue now because Propproper has already stepped into the industry to find your dream home much sooner than ever!

About the Founder

Anoop Kumar Patel is the Founder and the CEO of the company Propproper. He is a digital marketer and has aided numerous startups to grow their businesses in the marketplace and also has helped these business entrepreneurs to build a presence on the social media platforms and so on! He is also the Founder of the company He is not only a digital marketer but also he is an expert in web telegram marketing.

Behind the Scenes

Is it possible to view something which is present behind an opaque object? No, right? Consumers basically want readymade products on which he or she can blindly rely on. But, if the little space which is available is considered to be opaque, one can never view the other side with such inefficiency! Such kinds of disputes can shatter an entire and a continuous process. To remove the opaqueness, Propproper came into existence. Anoop realised that the Real Estate discovery process was being chopped and consumers no longer were being able to find proper homes for themselves. This is where the founder of the company Propproper felt like stepping in. He just wanted to ease the job of the buyers and the sellers by not listing a number of restrictions which are already present on a number of Real Estate websites.

How Does Propproper Work?

The business model of Propproper is too simple and easy to comprehend! Propproper has got a number of good properties in its top listings present on their portal. The properties are highlighted with different colours on the website. Propproper has got dealers too! In case an individual faces problems regarding buying properties, a broker is easily available on this website.

How Does Propproper Earn Money?

Since, the company Propproper has got subscription models for its consumers, the revenue model is not at all difficult to understand and rather it is a simpler one! But, surprisingly Propproper does not charge a single penny for listing advertisements of the properties of the sellers. In case, if you are willing to advertise in the premium listing, then you definitely need to pay the company for each property you wish to feature on the portal.

There are free plans available on the website too. If a seller or a broker has subscribed to that, they get notifications of their properties getting viewed. But, in no way, the website reveals the exact identity of the viewer.


Propproper is a self funded company! No organisation has funded Propproper recently.


Till date, Propproper has not invested anywhere and hence the company cannot be considered as an investor yet!


Propproper is a startup, and that is why it has not acquired any other minor or major organisations so far.

Future Goals

The company Propproper is willing to spread its Real Estate business to every nook and corner of the entire country so that no one gets deprived of its amazing facilities mentioned above in the entire article. Propproper is looking forward to expanding its business to the tier ii and the tier iii cities, villages present all over the country.

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