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Psychological impact of migration from villages to cities: How community building can help



Migration from villages to cities is a very common occurrence nowadays. This is because people in villages want access to the opportunities and facilities that cities offer. The idea of life being better in the cities has been popular in villages since a long time. This has encouraged millions of people to migrate from villages to the cities. Unfortunately, everyone cannot build a bright future in cities because there is limited space, infrastructure and facilities. Most migrants from villages end up working manual jobs and have to live in extreme poverty. This affects the mental health of people who left their homes in search of a better future but could not fulfil their dream.  

Poverty often forces a person to do dangerous and undesirable jobs which causes a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. The most affected segment in this situation is the children of migrant labourers who have to start working manual jobs from an early age because life in cities is very expensive compared to villages. 

The women suffer in this equally because they often have to work during the day and also have to take care of the family. Malnourishment and poor physical health are a common issue that such women face today. However, organizations like the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha are working for all underprivileged sections of society who need help. 

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia is the president of the Mahasabha. He is a social worker, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Migration of people from villages to cities is an event that affects a large portion of the rural population. The organization aims to help the people who need assistance, whether in cities or in villages. 

We asked Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia about the problems that people face due to migration from villages to cities. 

He said, “Migration of people from rural to urban areas causes various psychological problems among children and adults. Some of the men and women migrate to cities under huge stress as many times they also have to leave their families behind. Being in a strange and unfamiliar environment often takes a toll on their mental well-being as well as physical health. This is why migrant labourers coming from villages need more support. We decided to be the ones helping them. We are also working actively in villages and empowering people at the root level so that they don’t have to leave villages for employment in the first place. Our organization is running various skill development camps for young and the adults so that they can do modern jobs or upgrade their current level of employment. We are also dedicated to provide the best education to children who live in villages. We want to put a halt to this practice of migration due to poverty.”

The team of the Mahasabha is known to organize regular health camps where free health checkups are offered to people who cannot afford to get them done. Mental health awareness seminars are held so that people can seek help for various mental health issues. Family counselling is offered to the families of migrant labours because these families are often prone to suffer from issues of substance abuse and violence which is often a result of extreme stress and poverty. Guidance on hygiene and sanitation is provided to prevent disease in highly populated areas. 

Women are given guidance to preserve their physical and mental health. Career counselling is provided to the young adults who want to elevate their lives by working as skilled workers instead of doing manual labour. Most importantly, community meetings and events are held where people from different sections are invited to intermingle and communicate with each other. This creates a strong support system for all. 

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia also spoke to us about his vision for the future. 

“The root cause of poverty in villages is reduced interest in farming along with a lack of basic facilities like education and healthcare. Our plan is to help the people in villages make a better living for themselves with sustainable agriculture. We want to bring all modern facilities to the villages. This is the age of internet and nothing is impossible. We want to bring the best education to the villages and promote digital literacy so that everyone can learn something and fulfil their dreams. Our efforts are going to increase as our community grows. I am proud of the team that we have.”

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