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Rahul Makhija is all set to release his first album, All About you.



“I too dream big, I aim to achieve not high, but the highest!”

Though he started as a dancer during his school days and won many awards and recognition, seeing the appreciation he received, he joined Shiamak Dawar Dance Classes in Class 11th. But maybe destiny had something else in the store. Due to the family’s financial condition, he had to leave the classes just within three months.

MUSIC came to his life during his college days – but it was sudden. Rahul also said that he wanted to sing, but he was not sure. He was shy during his school days and never knew that this would be his love. Things turned better when he met an excellent guitarist in 1st year of his college – he just jammed up with him for the first time in Atif Aslim style on Gulabi Ankehn. The response was just fantastic, and everyone praised him for his voice and motivated him to sing more. This motivation helped him, and he started participating in his college fest and other events. He performed well and won awards and prizes – so much so that he was among the best singer in his college. Things were going on the right track for him, and he took singing more seriously. During this smooth transition, he fell in love with a girl, but she soon left him & Rahul was shattered again.

He overcame his breakup with singing and got indulged in his music more deeply. Atif Aslim inspired him as his career was at its peak at that time. Rahul is not a trained singer, but once you listen to his voice – that raspy and tonal voice – there is something about that texture – that you will fell in love with it. His first song was not easy to be out – he had to join a job after college, worked for two years and through his hard-earned money, released his official music in 2016 – Dholna (written by Deep Kalsi). It has around 6.8 million views on YouTube and still counting.

Apart from this, he also wanted to learn classical music personally, but the fees were high & also because of less time could not do it. Despite all these hurdles, he had a passion for learning, so he started watching YouTube tutorials, making music, mixing mastering, which helped him. So from composing to lyrics & mixing mastering, he can do it all by himself like a one-person band.

He says that music is a source of income for him, but MUSIC has helped him deal with all the good/bad times of his life – be it love, breakup, financial conditions, etc. Music is like an escape room – he can enter anytime and finally express his feelings through music.

As he always says, The BEST is yet to come.

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