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“Shweta’s Inspiring Story of Overcoming Adversity and Winning Hearts”



You don’t get to choose whether or not you want hardships, but you can choose how you respond to them. Hardships are a part of life. People are moved by Shweta’s narrative, and they view her as the personification of bravery. She has so much to contribute from the course of her life and the manner she confronted everything life presented to her. She was diagnosed with polio at the age of six months, which affected her lower body and rendered her unable to walk. As time went on, her childhood became increasingly difficult. Polio not only physically harmed her by preventing her from performing tasks that others could accomplish with ease, but it also negatively impacted her. But the thing that needs to be clarified is that she took charge of her own life because she couldn’t let it limit what she could accomplish.

Everyone believes that her story began with polio, but she disagrees. She wants everyone to concentrate on how she battled through everything to become a software engineer with flying colors. She demonstrated her bravery, commitment, and tremendous resilience in completing every task to the best of her ability. Despite her many ups and downs, she never let her confidence in herself waver. Her resolve was unwavering, and she decided not to give up. In addition to providing her with assistance, her parents helped her feel as normal as possible by encouraging her to accomplish whatever she could. Being an engineer offered avenues for her to become, among other things, a better engineer, which contributed to her increased happiness and fulfilment. Despite the fact that her parents never made her feel dependent on them, she always had the potential to be independent. Polio wasn’t enough to demonstrate to the world how resilient she was; shortly after graduating, she was involved in a terrible vehicle accident that rendered her wheelchair-bound. Not only did it take her a year to heal from the trauma, but this year also helped her to have more faith and a more upbeat outlook. Once more, she chooses to be in charge of her life rather than feel helpless in light of the circumstances.

She began by giving lectures to college students, but after discovering her passion for nurturing others and giving back to the community, she founded her own non-profit organization, Project Capable, with the goal of putting people on the path of growth, bringing out the best in people, and fostering a sense of confidence and self-worth in young people.

Currently Shweta is living a beautiful life with her husband, she got married at the age of 33. Her husband is also physically challenged but they did not let it hurdle their life    and continue to live a lovely life enjoying their parenthood with their 10-month-old child. 

She also received the 2019 social entrepreneur of the year award in recognition of her excellent achievements. Giving back to the community through supporting children was more important to her than receiving the associated recognition in and of itself. She is a compelling story in and of herself, and readers should draw inspiration from her persistence, commitment, and self- belief. Her realization that her tale may have an influence on people all over the world inspired her to embark on her next mission: becoming a certified motivational life coach and NLP master practitioner who supports women’s issues, young girls’ mentoring, and parental thinking. She aspires to serve as an example for other young people with big dreams who are either discouraged by adversity or just decide to give up. 

She wants to be the reason for the first steps of one’s journey in not letting anything affect the potential we carry and reaching towards our goals. If you have someone to look up to, your initial steps don’t shake much.

She shares a message to people out there saying never loose hope, never give up and always thrive for more.

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