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Real estate startup Legacy Home launches its Monsoon Bonanza offering 0% brokerage on more than 3000 Ready to move builder floors across gurgaon



2022Well, Real estate is indeed a complex working mechanism that is not understood by everyone. In a vast world of buying and selling valuable assets, the real estate trends witness a lot of fluctuations caused by many factors. Proper consultancy for every matter concerned with real estate affairs can benefit both the seller and the buyer. These consultancy service providers had to be very professional with a knack for every updated or recent trend concerning the real estate situations.
After much of an introduction to various real estate consultancy services around the country, we land upon this particular company called Legacy Home, a top-notch real estate consultancy based in Gurugram. The foundation of the company goes back to the late 1994, after which the company has been providing its services with ultimate trust, integrity, and utmost dedication, maintaining a loyal customer base from the very start. The company has gone through a major transformation in February 2022 by onboarding it’s excellent leadership team with co-founder Deepak Grover as the Head of sales, Varun Chandok – heading supply side for inventory, Ritik Raj – director creative and content marketing, Himanshu Thareja who is the head of social media and performance marketing. Co-founder Bipin Taneja contributes as the head of marketing at Legacy Home while Mr. Naveen serves as the CEO and Founder of the company and also continues to look after expansion vertical.
Keeping up with the recent trends, the company has always served the best customers while working for them with correct guidance, intensive market research, standard planning, a fascinating IT support system, and Post-sales services. While Legacy Home ensures to work with full transparency and stands firm with the principle of trust, the company offers expertise in guiding individuals, investors, corporates, HNIs, and NRIs to move on with taking correct real estate decisions. Legacy Home has launched it’s Monsoon Bonanza Offer with which the clients are charged with 0% brokerage charges. The offer is valid till 15th September 2022.
The CEO of Legacy Home, Mr. Naveen Ratra emphasizes the value of customer satisfaction in the working process of the company. He throws light on the other valuable aspects of the company while giving us an idea of the long journey, the company as a team has witnessed throughout the years. Mr. Naveen talks of the success of the company as a trusted and dedicated firm meant tgo benefit real estate situations, while also bringing into light the company’s exceptional real estate offerings and prudent approach that helps the company to provide the best services to suit everyone’s needs. Mr. Naveen has introduced various methods to use technology for a smooth workforce between the buyers and sellers. A dedicated team in the company are in charge of active market research while an inventory of builder is updated regularly to keep options open for the customers.
Talking about the journey of the company, well, it was not a good start for sure. Mr. Naveen Ratra left his garment manufacturing business to start his real estate services company with no prior knowledge or experience. He did not learn from any mentor either. All he was able to achieve till today is undoubtedly self-achieved.
The company has sold over 300 properties till now and is a very renowned company in the real estate market in Gurgaon. The invitations to big events and ceremonies are quite common for the company while the name is known to every builder actively working in Gurgaon.

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