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Real estate Veteran Navin Ratra bags big on proptech, says the industry needs innovative products.



It is a popular opinion that real estate is one of the most complicated processes among any other. Also, people are not really into real estate businesses and functions which eventually leads to the confusion they face when they have to deal with it in real-time. However, real estate experts are in charge to clear every confusion and guide them throughout the journey, so the customers get the best services without any problems or confusion.
Now, when you talk about real estate, it’s impossible to not mention the most amazing persona, Mr. Navin Ratra who is an expert Real Estate Veteran. Working in this industry for over 25 years, he started back in 1999 with only an investment of 10,000 rupees. He started his journey with no prior help or guidance from anyone, stuck to traditional methods of sales, reached out to potential clients through organic methods like delivering letters and postcards, and applied smart work skills to manage everything that came his way to success.
He wishes to change people’s perceptions about real estate and the brokers by introducing or presenting before them the transparent work process and assurance of trust and responsibility. By delivering the services on time and after services faithfully, the company assures the customers to believe in the process. He has expanded his expertise throughout the years with building builder floors and has done over 20 now. He is quite particular about choosing collaboration, buying plots for building, or trading with the locality, size, vicinity, market trend, and many more.
Navin’s motto is to bring technology to the real estate field and develop the already existing efficiencies to a higher level. He is an excellent thinker and always comes up with something exciting, as a plan and discusses it with other entrepreneurs to initiate the same. He is also quite dedicated, explores opportunities to solve brokers’ problems, easy transaction processes and is determined to bring revolutionary changes in the field.
He recently invested in real estate startups like Legacy Home and actively participating in their expansion. He aims to empower and educate people to know about the current trends and the current real estate statistics while guiding them throughout the journey to make this complicated subject a matter of ease. Along with this Navin has invested in many other startups in domains like D2C, Edutech , AI Tech etc and have seen substantial uproar in returns.
An amazing persona, Mr. Navin Ratra is very determined to take the real estate industry to a higher level, guiding people to explore and know more about this vast world of real estate services, helping them throughout the process to avoid any kind of inconveniences and confusion. Indeed a great person as he is, Mr. Navin is a quite renowned real estate veteran.

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