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Render Wise: The future of Clear Aligners Treatment



Render Wise Solutions is a benchmark company in India that offers 3D solutions in designing and printing process. The company offers advance technical solutions for 3D designing, printing, CAD and Laser. At Render Wise Solutions, advance technology is backed by 100 years of experience in Orthodontics, healthcare and Engineering, put together to deliver results with highest accuracy.

Here, technical capabilities along with reliable experience gives Render Wise team the power to bring imagination into reality in the form of 3D designs and prints of almost anything. 

Render Wise Solution offers exclusive services in 3D industry that includes:

  • CAM Designs
  • Engineering Prototype
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vacuum Casting/ tooling
  •  Medical- Pre Surgical Planning
  • Dentistry- Dental Models and Orthodontic removable Appliances.

At Render Wise Solutions, the client is free to explore creative capabilities as the team is there to provide consultation and guidance for the designing, execution and printing of the creative idea into tangible reality. 

Why do we call Render Wise as the future of Clear Aligner Treatment?

As Render Wise is a pioneer in 3D designing and printing solutions, it has aided the dental science in an incredible way. Through the use of cutting edge technology and software support, it has revolutionised the teeth alignment treatment in India. 

Through thoughtful orthodontics planning and technical intervention, the clients get clear aligners that provide them accurate results.

Orthodontic planning at Render Wise involves:

  • STAGE 1: The first step is to formulate a detailed treatment plan, where the current dental condition of the patient is analysed and considering the same a treatment plan is prepared. To create a treatment plan, specific software and expertise of the orthodontists on board is put to use. Software acts as technical intervention to bring patient and doctor closer to analyse the dental condition and create the desired results from the treatment plan.
  • STAGE2:  Through 3D orthodontic software various parameters of treatment are worked upon such as angle of tooth movement, degree of tooth rotation, number of aligner sets required etc. 
  • STAGE 3: Once the technicalities of the treatment are clearly discussed, the other accessories required for the treatment such as attachments and IPR needed at various stages of the treatment are taken into consideration.
  • STAGE4: After thorough study of the dental case and complete planning of the treatment course is finished, the patient is made to visualise the possible outcome through the software. The patients can visualise ‘before’ and ‘after’ stages of the treatment and feel motivated to pursue the treatment with full confidence.
  • During the treatment, the patient is connected to the expert doctor on board through video-conferencing, on-call consultation as well as clinic visits, to keep a check on the treatment progress. If a doctor or the patient is dissatisfied with the course of the treatment, they can modify the treatment plan to get the results they wish for.

Render Wise Solutions is the parent company to 32 Watts Clear Aligners. The parent company offers 32 Watts clear aligners the technical expertise on 3d Designing and printing of clear aligners while 32 Watts itself act as platform to connect the doctors and the patients to provide the clear aligner treatment. 

32 Watts Clear aligners provide non-intrusive, painless and removable braces, customised to the needs of each patient. The clear aligner sets provided by 32 Watts come with smooth finish and are invisible like water, making them the most convenient teeth straightening treatment of today’s time. These invisible braces keep the facial aesthetics intact while working on the teeth to add on to the facial features by providing beautiful and confident smile as the end result of the smile correction treatment.

Render Wise Solutions along with 32 Watts clear aligners, are here to make the smile correction treatment a hassle-free journey. The company has its head quarter in Delhi and has its services available in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Goa, Jaipur etc. Render Wise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the creator of ‘32 Watts Clear aligners’ is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certified company. It has team of 120+ professionals working diligently to provide corrective teeth alignment solutions in India. The aim of the company is to bring world-class clear aligner technology at affordable rates. They wish to democratise the use of clear aligners, making it within the reach of masses. That is why we insist on calling Render Wise Solutions as the future of clear aligner treatment. 

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