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Renowned Geopathic stress consultant and scientific Vastu expert Manish Bhasin is eradicating the geopathic stress problem of the clients with effective remedies.



Manish Bhasin is one of the best Geopathic stress consultants in India. Being an expert in scientific Vastu, he strives to help people lead a joyful and stress-free life by providing life-changing solutions and navigating people on the path of success. His passion for helping people encouraged him to forge ahead into this field with his long-standing goal of bringing specified benefits, success, and peace in the life and career of the people.

Geopathic Stress is the everyday occurrence found in most cases of physical and mental illnesses at times for short term and in most cases for the long term such as Cancer, M.E., P.M.S., Bipolar Disorder, Autism, M.S., Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Suicide, Cot Death Stillborn Babies and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. These cases sometimes do not get treated, and initially, it was recognized in thousands of cancer cases. It was proved to the German medical profession over 80 years ago and in million of cases ever since. Later it was predicted that this kind of case healed itself before any therapy takes over with complete recovery.

Children can also become victims of Geopathic stress and common symptoms like hyper-activeness, difficulty in learning, constant crying at night, and bedwetting. Mothers suffer from miscarriage, premature delivery, difficulty in conceiving. Besides, even the adult can become a victim of Geopathic stress like exhaustion, nervousness, depression, loss of appetite, pallor, insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleepwalking, grinding of teeth, and nightmares. However, Geopathic stress does not cause any illness but lowers your immune system, preventing your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from your food supplements and making you weak.

Understanding about Geopathic Stress

Geo means Earth, and Patho means suffering. It means suffering from the Earth, which causes stress in the form of illness. Geopathic Stress is the Earth’s vibrations that rise through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, specific mineral concentrations, fault lines, and underground cavities. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms. Geopathic Stress is the term used for natural or manufactured energies emanating from the Earth and detrimental to human health. It weakens a person’s life force, thus causing low immunity and ill health without recognizing any boundary.

Often, the reason for sickness fails to get detected by Vastu or Feng Shui because the cause lies due to Geopathic stress. Defects in residential space impact the occupants, which can be diagnosed with Lecher Antenna. It works in such a way if you sleep with Geopathic pressure, you wake up tired hence it makes your immune system weak in this way gradually that becomes prone to any disease. All this can be eradicated once the Geopathic stress gets flushed out from your body.

In some countries, it is observed that the expert Geomancer’s treatments on Geopathic stress are often compared to the oncologist, the expertise in cancer treatment.

Concerning Vastu shastra, it is a science that speaks about the structure like assembling a building for a peaceful and profitable life if Vastu guidelines are followed. So to live a wholesome life with higher power stability, Vastu shastra remedies should be followed daily. So while correcting your space as per the layout of homes, factories, or any commercial property as per Vastu and Feng Shui, it is mandatory to check Geopathic Stress in the rooms to avoid the occurrences of severe illnesses where you will reside.

For this kind of settlement at home or office, a consultation from a Vastu expert is mandatory who possesses extensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra, and Manish Bhasin is the one who experienced Vastu and Geopathic stress consultant with experience of more than *** years. He provides consultation to prime business people, students, Industrialists, and other celebrated India and abroad. His professionalism, along with his expertise, honesty, and diligence, had set him apart from the crowd. 

Consult him today for peace tomorrow. He is always counted first about residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Industrial Vastu, and Geopathic stress. He suggests and guides with precise positioning and directional guidelines to aid each corner of construction with correct constructive power. By far, he has advised his clients to achieve a well-mannered life and helped them attain their desired objective of life with a balanced and nonsecular surrounding.

Manish Bhasin – Vastu Consultant, Scientific Vastu Consultant, Geopathic consultant.

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1 Comment

  1. Shashank

    August 20, 2021 at 10:20 am

    He is an excellent consultant and has helped me in my bad times in shaping my career and also helped my family in coming out of frequent illnesses which we used face early.

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