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Replacing your simple & boring health-conscious food with healthy & tasty meals!



Mrs. Deepa Bhate’s entrepreneurial journey began in her home kitchen. She was on the lookout for the nutritious mini-meal that could help the working community grab a bite without the guilt of being ideal for hours in the office chair. She decided to put her cooking skills to good use and started preparing extensive varieties of wholesome Salad and Soup recipes for busy working days without compromising on the taste.

She decided to recruit a staff of 2 to begin with after experimenting for over 2 months on her own, and today she has a mini-Kitchen located in Mumbai serving over 100 Salads, 50+ soups, and 50+ snacks daily. Not just that, she closely works with the staff and still manages to prepare the dressing and some other small jobs daily apart from the delivery coordination and marketing. She says that her small business had very small but important requirements which even after 5 years, she is trying to resolve, namely the website making, prompt delivery, and fresh vegetable vendors who serve the best quality daily. 

Mumbai-based brand, Fresh Fusion, wants you to bid adieu to an unhealthy lifestyle that is harmful not only for your body but also for your lifestyle. Walking the path of Green Goodness is not an easy feat, especially when you’ve been careless about your health for years. But Fresh Fusion will help you ace your walk with their nutritious, delicious, and healthy Salads, Soups, and Snacks!

Using Fresh veggies with a little bit of savoury-tinge in dressings makes it all the more delicious but super healthy at the most affordable prices, starting at Rs. 60/-. With Fresh Fusion, you can get hooked to binge-eating while binge-watching without any guilt. Instead of small portions to snack, we believe in a well-portioned meal to not make you bite anything in between your three meals. 

“Fresh Fusion is a breeze of Fresh air for people who are sweating it out to get the best of the nutrition. The service is prompt and the menu is a perfect compilation of healthy and flavourful meals. It’s my go to bite for lazy, healthy and cheat days too” – Chinmayee Sumeet, Actress

We think it’s perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Healthy Salads include Buddha Bowl, Vietnamese, Jamaican, Ironman, Rainbow, Protein Punch and many more…over 20 different Salads; Delicious Soups like Carrot Ginger, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Corn, Spinach, etc. without any preservative, corn-starch powder or additives is freshly made in the morning! Apart from these, we have also introduced Veg and Non-Veg Snacks like Wheat bread burgers & Raggi and Beetroot base snackable wraps full of lip-smacking flavour.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, good food and wellness makes the most closely looked part for most people. Mrs. Bhate explains, “Continuous sanitization, deep cleaning the vegetables and the most important, vaccination of the staff was crucial through all these months. Despite the rise in cases, our clients’ non-stop trust and feedback kept us sailing. The most unexpected happened: we started a new branch in Thane :)”

Since Day 1, we had decided to accept the orders before 9 am only. This practice helped the brand to serve the freshest and good quality vegetables from the market. 

The supporters and clients aren’t just limiting to health freaks but also millennials, school-goers, and retirees. They often motivate me to break the monotony of the weekly menu by popping in some cheat-meal that isn’t actually cheatful. Truly, we believe in a healthy lifestyle in a tasty manner!

After coming this little far, Fresh Fusion visions to expand wide and provide the best and the freshest meals at your doorstep, whether through Dunzo, Delivery guy or Dabbawalas, it’s a guaranteed delivery.

“I’ve put in all my energies and creativity in making least mistakes and providing high quality service to all my dear clients. Starting any entrepreneurial venture is no easy feat. However, I always encourage every woman out there to follow her passion and instincts to scale her business. Challenge is a part of success and without them, the journey wouldn’t be as flavourful as we have grown to bring to you our dressings and meals over the years. Don’t start with a big amount; let it be in your comfort to help you capitalise your vision and business model”, says Mrs. Bhate.

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