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Revolutionising Indian market prices



Increases in the price of essential commodities like onions, vegetables, rice, and other foods are matter of concern for public and policy makers. But inflated prices of products like soap, paste, dish washer, disinfectant, toilet cleaners etc. which are also daily essentials used by people across socioeconomic strata is a grey area for most of us. Our ignorance drains our pocket most of the time.

BioGrid Healthcare, a multinational healthcare products company who has entered this market in India with their brand “SaniGrid” launched Power Clean Toilet Cleaners to solve this problem and will reach the customer at almost half the selling price of the market monopolies. BioGrid Healthcare is on a mission to narrow the gap between the manufacturing price and consumer price of consumables without compromising on quality and customer experience.

Customers in India are made to believe that higher price indicate higher quality. But, according to Mr. Imthiaz Hamsath, CEO of BioGrid Healthcare, this need not be true. Indian customers are blinded that goods manufactured in the same factory with the same quality and criteria but labelled under different brand names are sold at varying MRPs, which are often 2-3x of the product’s cost price by market monopolies. The biggest concern here is that there is no government regulation on this says Mr. Imthiaz Hamsath.

Mr. Satish Marathe, appointed by the government to the central board of the RBI in August, said, “it is high time that apart from printing MRP on products, companies should also start giving the (manufacturing) cost of products. Only then, will we really know the margins of profit.” Addressing an event of the Institute of Cost Accountants.

Mr. Imthiaz requested the customers to compare the products available in market without giving known brand advantage and to make this comparison without any bias, during the launch event of SaniGrid. It is a well-known truth that when a major celebrity endorses a company, the cost of each product is immediately affected, which is extracted from the customer. Mr. Imthiaz urged the customers to give new brands and start-ups that are doing incredibly well in this space in trying to narrow this gap a chance and in turn make a significant saving without compromising on any aspect of the product

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