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Rise in Real Estate Market of Jaipur



Jaipur has been climbing up the real estate ladder steadily but definitely not slowly! The development of Jaipur has been rapid and is continuing at the same pace. After being designated as one of the 100 smart cities to be developed by 2025, Jaipur’s development as well as its IT industry has been really catching up with the likes of major metro cities.

Another important factor in Jaipur’s rapid development is its proximity to the national capital Delhi-NCR. Already it takes a 5-hour drive to reach Jaipur from Delhi and vice-versa. Furthermore, with the announcement of projects like the Delhi – Mumbai Expressway(reducing the travel time to mere 2 hours) and Delhi-Alwar RRTS, the real estate market of Jaipur boomed significantly.

As the pink city starts seeing major development, along with it comes immigration – from nearby cities as well as from metro cities. As a result, the real estate market of Jaipur has been rising for a few years now, and assessing the current pace of development, will continue to rise in the coming years as well.

Jaipur Real Estate and Ashiana Housing

Ashiana Housing – a popular Real Estate Company in India, has been developing housing projects in Jaipur for around 15 long years! Ashiana has housing projects across all domains i.e. Kid Centric Homes, Senior Living Homes, and Premium Homes. Over its operational duration in Jaipur, Ashiana has launched ten housing projects, out of which Five – Ashiana Utsav, Ashiana Greenwood, Ashiana Mangalam, Ashiana Daksh, and Ashiana Rangoli have already been sold out. The other five projects of Ashiana include – 

Ashiana Housing’s latest addition to Jaipur Real Estate is Ashiana Ekansh. A Premium Homes project located in Mansarovar Extension, Ekansh is built across an area of 8.6 acres with ten residential towers, lush-green landscaped exteriors, jogging & walking tracks, waterbody feature running across the campus, as well as a state-of-the-art clubhouse of 19,600 sq. ft. area.

Ekansh is built for Next Level Connectivity – well connected to Ajmer Road, Ring Road, and popular schools, hospitals, and malls in the area; and Next Level Comfort – with modern amenities like Miyawaki Plantation, Trellis Seating, Climbing Wall, Podium, Yoga Lawn, Walkway, etc. In the words of Ashiana Housing, ‘Ekansh welcomes you to your Next Level Living’.
Visit Ashiana Housing’s website for more information on Ashiana Ekansh and other projects in Jaipur.

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