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RiSEOO is a New-Age Direct Marketing Company that has a global presence, with its roots in India. A platform that creates a world where people can live Tomorrow’s Lifestyle Today. Along with numerous opportunities to grow financially, RiSEOO also works towards a lifestyle upgrade for the global community members. With the first-ever True-Hybrid Success Plan, along with exclusive bonuses, cashback on more than 10K International brands at Eazme, and premium handpicked RiSEOO lifestyle products, one gets multiple ways of benefitting from the platform.

Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha (CEO) and Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha (COO), our accomplished industry expert founders, have more than a decade of solid entrepreneurial experience in multiple industries. They have established RiSEOO in many countries and believe in empowering people globally by establishing an eco-system that brings numerous opportunities for people to thrive.

RiSEOO has a community that is rich in diversity. The foundation of a very well-conceived plan helps the community stay focused on their strengths and beliefs.

RiSEOO visualizes millions of people transforming their lifestyles with multiple financial opportunities & exclusive RiSEOO lifestyle products. With the community’s people achieving their goals of personal growth, RiSEOO’s mission is automatically executed.

For members to upgrade their lifestyle, RiSEOO has come up with several ways to profit an individual according to their necessities.

To offer a healthy lifestyle upgrade, RiSEOO comes up with new lifestyle products with ancient Indian herbs that cater to multiple needs of one’s fitness.

Each product is researched & produced to bring a handpicked range of natural products that are only formulated to take care of your body inside and out.

The vision to empower & upgrade the lifestyles of the people has led to the creation of what RiSEOO is today. The zest for fitness and the idea of a healthy lifestyle initiated by the founders is the reason for innovations made with the production of each product at RiSEOO. It has stirred a kind of change in people’s everyday life.

People always say you lose something to get something, but with RiSEOO, that is not the case. The platform allows people to earn so much more by just doing what they have been doing in their regular lives. Being an affiliate at RiSEOO also lets one earn exclusive cashback. At the same time, they shop at their favourite international premium store or make their travel plans through an e-commerce platform, Eazme. With more than 10K brands, new stores get onboarded each day, which helps people fulfill their bucket list today. That’s not it. With Eazme BrandAble, a white labelling platform, we also provide the freedom of building one’s lifestyle platform while all the hassles will be taken care of. Here, one’s lifestyle platform will be created keeping your best interest in mind.

RiSEOO is building on a global community that believes in the same motto of a healthy lifestyle. People have been working hard to make the life for themselves that they have dreamt of. Goals & bucket lists that stand faded in people’s minds can become more focused by taking full advantage of the platform’s multiple opportunities.

RiSEOO truly believes in making people live Tomorrow’s Lifestyle Today.

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