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Ritzzze, aka Rittesh Sikri, is a 35-year-old Dj & Music Producer. He also considers himself as a streetsmart businessman. 

He did his entire schooling at one of India’s prominent schools – La Martinere For Boys. He followed it up by doing his BBA from JD BIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ( Affiliated to Jadavpur ). 

He admitted that he wasn’t a very bright student. He says, “I was NOT like an A GRADER student, nor I was getting the highest marks, I used to score enough to pass, I was thrilled letting everyone think I wasn’t very bright. “He further says that what he was taught in school was nothing that helped in real life. He says, “I honestly didn’t like school much because of the way the whole system is. I find education to be in a system that only suits certain people. I don’t remember anything that I’ve learnt in school that I’ve applied in my business or in real life. I don’t use trigonometry in my business, nor does Algebra help at all. As far as accounts are concerned, I’m not making ledgers. All I know is numbers. What money I make and how much I spend. I wasn’t really even good at sports. I consider myself a very subpar student with grades just about sufficable.” He adds, “I only went to school cause that was the right thing to do. The school is the first place where we learn about how important it is to be popular. Plus, favouritism is a REAL disease that you get. If you think of it, learning how to bribe starts from school. For e.g., if you take tuition from a particular school teacher who also teaches you in class, then there is a higher chance of getting good marks in that subject per se. I don’t know what kind of example that sends out to anyone growing up. One thing that used to fuel me was the way some teachers used to treat students. I have some very dreadful memories of a few teachers and the words they’ve used for me. It resonated with me after many years. But contrary to that, there were some teachers that changed my life. Growing up, it was Mr Gunnion, and when I was slightly older, it was Mr Ritchie. Mr Ritchie was the only teacher who egged me on a psychological level. I think my mental toughness comes from his way of showing me life. He somehow changed my whole mindset about the world we live in. A teacher just doesn’t teach you a particular subject, but he is also someone who changes your outlook on life. Mr Gunnion was someone who protected me from all times. He was someone I could talk to, and he always had the most excellent things to say. He was also my favourite, which probably made me like a subject like Physics. “ 

On the contrary, his college life was very different. He says, “My college life was the best three years of my life because I had a director like Mr Suman Mukherjee. I’m a perfect example of being in the right place with the right people. He was one man who made sure that I did my studies and, at the same time, I was allowed to pursue my musical dreams. He backed me up in whatever and whichever situation I was in. Never hindered my music or my studies. As a matter of fact, he used to encourage the fact that we go out there and do our own thing. Plus the teachers in my college were superb. Whatever I learned in my BBA is what I used in my music career. I used the same teachings and principles that you would use in your business, and I applied that to my music career. Basically, I started looking at myself as a business itself. “ 

Following college, he pursued his music career and, at the same time, ventured into several other businesses. He started his own social media company and ran it for a number of years. Recently he joined his family business and other ventures.

He explains, “My family has been in Kolkata for almost 100 years. We’ve been operating for close to 90 years now. Till the ’80s, we were soap manufacturers, and then in the ’90s, we ventured into the packaging business. We repack sugar, pepper, salt, chilli flakes and oregano seasonings, and the brand is called GOOD TASTE. Adding to that, we do job work for tea companies. Connect with us for Pyramid tea bag packing. for any tea brand looking to venture into the retail or wholesale market Also, I have a small paper business which I started during the pandemic. “ 

Well, Ritzzze does have his hands full and is clearly on his way to being a future millionaire.  

As he promises, “There is much more to come.” 

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