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Rohit is a true example of how to reach success against all odds!



Rohit Singh originates from the landlord family of Sitamadhi in Bihar, a well-known and respectable family. He pursued his elementary schooling in Sitamadhi through the tenth grade and obtained an 81 percent grade point average before relocating to Delhi for any further studies.

Upon moving to Delhi, Rohit became completely distracted from his studies as it ended up taking a lot more time for him to adapt and adjust to the new city than originally intended. Being from a humble and loving background adjusting to the hard and bitter environment of Delhi was highly inconvenient for him. Rohit’s parents raised him to always be a kind and generous human being, unfortunately, upon coming to Delhi people started to use Rohit for his kindness. Which not only made him fall into depression but he also started losing all faith in humanity. His mother always used to travel back and forth from Bihar to Delhi to take care of Rohit, seeing him in such a bad condition was unbearable for her and she told him that no matter how bad one’s behavior is towards you, always make sure to have nothing but kindness in your heart.

All the negative aspects eventually led him to not being able to pursue his studies as his parents recommended him to come back so they can take better care of him. So, he decided and dropped out after class 10th. Surprisingly leaving his studies unfinished didn’t stop him from learning from life and what our everyday scenarios have to offer to us.

After a short break, his father helped him complete his studies and he finally graduated class 12th  from commerce in 2011. As fate would have it he was still unable to focus on his further studies as Rohit wasn’t some ordinary guy who focused on textbook knowledge but rather a guy who loved to learn from his environment and reality. The starting stages of his career building were not easy, he was fortunate enough to be in a loving and caring relationship with his girlfriend but sadly, it all came crashing down when she became an engineer and left Rohit for someone more qualified.

This heart heartbreak motivated  Rohit to re-evaluate his priorities and he started working at Barclays UK. His work went smoothly for three years and he was able to gain much experience and knowledge while also helping the company become more sustainable and with his expertise. After working there for several years, he returned to his hometown to Sitamadhi in Bihar to have a legal understanding of his ancestral land and property. While he was there people told him again and again that he was incapable of anything and was still residing on his grandfather’s property.

Unfortunately, that was not all the bad experiences life had in store for Rohit, one day while traveling from the train he had arrived at a station where the train was on hold, he felt thirsty and went outside to buy a bottle of cooldrink. One can say that he was dressed in extremely basic clothing which was not very fancy. When the shopkeeper saw him, he automatically assumed that he was an uneducated Bihari because of the patriarchy, and threw the cold drink and the coins that had been left on the ground. As Rohit picked up the cool drink and cash off the pavement, he thought to himself, “One day, he’ll demonstrate to the shopkeeper what this Bihari guy who is half Delhite can accomplish. People will not only recognize him from a mile but will know who he was even if he didn’t utter a single word from his lips.

This was the final edge for Rohit, and he decided that one day his work will speak for itself, and he will become renowned.

Comfortless and bitter, Rohit once again took control of his life and finally created his travel company BAGPACK WORLDTOURS PRIVATE LIMITED( ). Rohit put all his efforts and hard work into his company to help it stand out from the competitor in the market and slowly and steadily his online website turned into a success. After seeing his website bring so much profit, big companies like Make My Trip, Ease My Trip, Yatra and IRCTC approved him.

Rohit didn’t stop just there, as he had dreamed of making his company and the websites an online portal for international traveling where people and celebrities from around the world can easily seek help regarding their upcoming trips and travel plans.

Ever since he was a kid he was always a little behind in his education as he valued the experiences of his actual life more than the literature and now by God’s grace, his knowledge and experience have become extremely advantageous to him and his work. He has always been interested in learning and sharing his knowledge about the universe and what it has to teach us. This has also led to him giving out speeches in many prestigious and renowned universities like IITs. 

Rohit now worships Lord Shiva and Vishnu and wears rudraksha and tulsi to showcase his devotion. After returning from Delhi, he also gave up eating non-veg and resolved to improve his life and the lives of others for the better.

He always believed in  3 of the following principles and stands by them to date:


He recently tied the knot to a Delhiite called Shweta. A few days ago her family was delighted with the work he has done to date. He had also finished his and M.B.A in 2018 Long after he quit his studies. While creating his website he didn’t seek assistance from anyone and totally did everything on his own. Now a large number of people want to join his company, and the application procedure is now underway as he relayed that new people can bring new and improved changes that his website might need.

Rohit has always respected all faiths, castes, creeds, and genders, as well as persons of any race, religion, language, or origin. He’s a supporter of truth and honesty in his personal life and across my organization, the only thing that Rohit strives for is “honesty”.

For further information take a look below and connect with Rohit easily!


Facebook: @BagpackWorld

Instagram: @bagpacktravelworld

His personal link:Facebook: @rohitsinghman,

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