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Rohit Mavle- A boy’s journey from Engineering to Acting to Content Creation!



Rohit Mavle, who is known as @foodie_actor_engineer on Instagram, is a qualified Computer Engineer who has been doing professional Theatre Acting and creating some really good Food and Travel content as a Content Creator in Mumbai. He started by posting Food pictures on Instagram and gradually spread across different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Trell, Josh, Tiki, etc. Today he has a combined follower base of more than 5 million across all the Social Media platforms.

After completing his Graduation in B.E. Computer Science, he did a Diploma in Film Acting and started giving Auditions and doing Marathi Theatre across Maharashtra. He was pretty busy with his Theatre shows, and with a packed schedule, he was also managing Restaurant Reviews. He managed to strike a good balance between his Theatre and Content Creation, giving equal importance and time to both fields. 

Since childhood, Rohit Mavle has been a die-hard foodie who has loved to try a variety of different cuisines whenever he visited Restaurants with his family or get-together functions like Weddings. When he started growing up, he started visiting various Street Food Stalls to explore Street Food in Mumbai. That’s when his passion for Food Photography and Videography began. And for 5-6 odd years, he clicked thousands of Food Pictures and Videos but didn’t do anything productive out of it. Many friends would suggest him to write about his experiences of different restaurant visits or street food tours. So, many of his friends would randomly call him for good food recommendations across Mumbai, and he would always help them out with the best advice.

One day his friend gave him this idea about starting an Instagram Page to showcase his Food content. That’s when his journey of “foodie_actor_engineer” began. Rohit Mavle started this page with a sheer love for Food and nothing else. He began visiting restaurants across Mumbai for reviews and would write across Instagram and Zomato. His honest & genuine reviews had excellent feedback, and it helped food lovers choose the best-suited options for them. In no time, he was doing a lot of Restaurant and Product Reviews on his page, which got an outstanding response. Rohit Mavle started getting Restaurant Invites via DMs and Emails. He got an opportunity to visit some dream Restaurants of his, many from his Bucket-list like Bayroute, Ummrao, Persian Darbar, etc. He also started getting invites from Resorts and Hotels for Staycations & Property Reviews, which took him closer to his other passion, Travelling. And a Part-time hobby got converted into an almost Full-time Profession.

This beautiful journey has taken him to more than 260K followers on Instagram. Rohit Mavle has completed more than 300 Restaurant Reviews all over Maharashtra and over 50 Staycations all over India. He also has around 18,000 Subscribers on YouTube, more than 3.4 Million Followers on Trell, and more than 500K followers on Josh. 

This gentleman aspires to create excellent content for his followers in the near future with his love for Food and Traveling.

Links: 1) – Instagram

2) – YouTube

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