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Sabir Hussain – Inspiring Journey From Gully Boy to One of The Highest Paid Celebrity Interior Designers in India Making his way to Youngest Millionaires List.



His Page 3 clientele is the proof of his Work of Art. From chief ministers’ office to  Bollywood and Tollywood celebs he has vowed everyone with his design presentations.

Sabir Hussain is one of the high in demand Interior designers today with  high expertise and his unique design concepts.

His Immense Knowledge in the leading brands related to different products in the Interior industry makes him the man in demand.

According to Hussain he believes his company is beyond just designing as House designing is more of science nowadays. Be it Home Automation or Sound Accosting or Mood Lightening or Servo Drives Installations In High-end Kitchen’s Or Home Theatre system settings everything requires a high Expertise team with Extreme technical knowledge of those products.

Hussain describes managing all the departments is not just the challenge but also organizing them according to specified times is a challenging task. As step by step these things need to be organized, which comes first and what comes next.

Hussain says nowadays everything in a house is organized Automatically so it is more  the blend of Electricals and Electronics and there is no chance of a human error to be done here and the work has to be very accurate and perfect.

Sabir hussain along with his partner and wife Mrs. Ashwini Reddy started their company Gruhasutra Innovative interiors pvt ltd in 2013 and later incorporated it in 2017.

Before starting their journey in 2013  sabir hussain had Already been in the industry for several years.

He started his journey from small flats and now he does Premium rated projects in the Country and Abroad.

Not Always the path to success was Easy for him. Business has always been challenging since he does not belong to a business family.

But the habit of taking challenges always made him the man he is today.

His wife Ashwini reddy not only supported him in business but also is the woman behind his successes after a depression period in his life.

Proper planning of Space And Utilization of Natural light have been key factors in his designs.

He knows the Art of playing with colors in proper proportions pleasing the viewer’s eye.

Most of his works have been telecasted nationally and his articles have been published Internationally.

He has won Numerous awards and Accolades for his work.

When asked about the secret for his successes he says he does only a few limited projects and makes sure they create the mark.

Marking their presence in the business today they are not totally into money making, rather the couple spends most of their time in their farmhouse serving more than 100 Abandoned and rescued animals.

Their farm house is a beautiful place which is a permanent residence for hundreds of Rescued and abandoned Animals.

Here they provide proper food medication and vaccinations for hundreds of stray dogs and stray cats.

Here they have their own team who does all these works.

The couple also provides basic vaccinations like anti rabies and 7 in one to the stray dogs roaming on streets to ensure the safety of small kids in the areas and also of the dogs.

Many street dogs are fed by their team on street sides also where there is no scope of proper food for those animals.

They have had  spaying surgery on more than a hundred animals.

The company has their official website where people can check the Recovery Animals story and the pics and videos related to their Animal rescue shelter.

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