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A young Mathematician from Odisha named Mr Sabyasachi Rout has made mathematics easier for students with this book titled “NCERT Mathematics Solutions for Std X”, from an upcoming series of books for different grades of students.

This is an all solution book for the CBSE NCERT Mathematics for Std X. This book aims to provide a simpler and broader explanation to all the questions as per the NCERT. This book is compiled in 15 detailed chapters with exhaustive theory, comments, illustrations, examples, step-by-step solutions, and practice exercises.

The book is published in New Delhi and was released globally this September. The book will be available on all leading e-commerce websites, including Amazon, Flipkart and Bluerose, along with the Ebook version.

Sabyasachi Rout has completed his Masters Degree in Mathematics (M.Sc.). He has been passionate about Mathematics and pursued it with commitment during his B.Sc and M.Sc. He is a step closer to pursuing his doctorate. The excellence of a mathematician can be measured by his ability to deconstruct and explain the fundamentals of a complicated mathematical equation with ease. Mr Sabyasachi Rout has successfully delivered this in the last nine years of being a guide to students from school to ones pursuing competitive examinations in different industries.

The book has been compiled with a step by step solution to the NCERT pattern equations. It also includes commentaries on the necessity of the steps followed and sufficient illustrations and examples for a clear and better understanding. This book has been divided into 15 exhaustive chapters. Each chapter focuses on the fundamentals of real numbers, polynomials, pair of linear equations in two variables, quadratic equations and arithmetic progressions. It also focuses on the proof of triangles, co-ordinate geometry, introduction to trigonometry, and its various applications. The book further takes a systematic approach in covering circles, their constructions, areas related to circles, surface areas and volumes, statistics, and probability.

Mr Sabyasachi Rout carries a vision to make Mathematics easier and fun in a series of books. “NCERT Solutions for Class X” is the first book in his series which aims at paving the way towards a relatively clear and deconstructing approach towards complicated mathematical propositions.

Apart from his academic profile, Mr Sabyasachi Rout is an active member of various prestigious Mathematical Societies. In his nine years of experience, he has been a tutor to middle school, high school, and college students and Olympiad Examinations, Banking, S.S.C, Railway, C.A.T., M.A.T. X.A.T., M.B.A., S.C.R.A., C.B.I, C.P.O., I.I.FT., and I.G.N.O.U aspirants. Mr Sabyasachi Rout has equally learned and grown further in his journey along with his students. This has developed the happening of this book into a reality as an answer to access to a better understanding of complex mathematical propositions.

Mr Sabyasachi Rout has been passionate about mathematics from an early age. He aims to help students pursue their passion by paving their way to excellence and shaping their fundamentals from the ground up.

Sabyasachi Rout

Sikharpur, Cuttack.

Phone: 8908714337


Twitter: sabyarout533

You can Pre-Order the book now from the official Blue Rose store.


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