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Sagar Khandelwal, the founder of OnlinEmage says that digital marketing is The New Normal



It is no more novel to discuss about the advantages of digital marketing and the number of audience that are present on Internet and how wide the product would reach if its marketed on the internet, everyone of us is aware of the advent of the internet. The main points are how much time it would take to get the investment back and how much it affects the promotions. Still, there are some sections who are still in a dilemma about whether to opt for digital marketing or not. OnlinEmage is the solution that would clear all the dilemmas and was founded by Sagar Khandelwal, an entrepreneur who focuses and completely relies on digital marketing to grow a business.

Hailing from Pune, Sagar Khandelwal is determined to grow the business and revenue of his clients through his digital marketing firm, OnlinEmage. Sagar, who is so focused on and devoted to achievements that endure forever while taking time, does not believe in rapid results, as the phrase goes: “Great things take time.” Sagar Khandelwal sincerely believes that with the right ideas and tactics, digital marketing can be a very effective tool for fostering growth and that it is feasible to recover the cost of the initial investment in as little as six months. Sagar uses the comparison that digital marketing is like the stock market, where we invest money and wait for some period of time to let it grow.

OnlinEmage is a one-stop solution for all businesses that want to promote their presence but are unfamiliar with traditional marketing methods and are unsure of how to promote. One of the key factors in OnlinEmage’s success is their sincere efforts and never-ending, patient discussions with representatives from every business level, including, Corporate owners, freelancers, startups, political or government sectors. OnlinEmage’s main selling point is that they work within their clients’ budgets rather than charging a set fee for their services. 

OnlinEmage first investigated the reasons why some businesses are uninterested in digital marketing, understood the scepticism those businesses had, and began addressing those concerns right away. The owners felt more assured as a result and were able to have faith in OnlineEmage. They never took a wrong turn with that.

As a part of digital solutions, OnlinEmage provides all kinds of digital marketing services such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Social Ads, All types of branding designs, Influencer Marketing, Web Development etc. The team at OnlinEmage is highly experienced and talented to the core. Each one has more than 10 years of experience in the field, and their experience plays a vital role in designing strategies that are phenomenal. OnlinEmage provides Social Media Marketing and provides all the exposure that’s required for a business to grow and promotes the business in unique ways on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube. They also assist in influence marketing through ways such as influencer campaigns on social media or with impeccable content writing that attracts each and every one on social media.

As a part of digital marketing, OnlinEmage provides all types of services right from the beginning to the end. They even provide photography services where they capture HD quality pictures that can be used for websites, campaigns, advertisements, and most importantly, in catalogs, which require the best photographs mandatorily. They even help in videography and animation, bringing life to the non-living things and giving them words through content writing. They have their own style and own way when it comes to marketing, and that’s what differentiates them from the rest of their competitive peers. 

OnlinEmage also assists in web services such as developing websites with the help of their top-notch developers who are well aware of the most required languages such as PHP, Java, HTML, and others that are required. The website will be designed in such a way that it offers smooth navigation and a user-friendly experience.

Sagar Khandelwal, through OnlinEmage, helped many small businesses achieve regular profits through digital marketing. Businesses including education, FMCG, real estate, wealth etc have relied on him and have seen their respective industries experience rapid expansion. It is understandable that everyone is spending more time on the internet, but what Sagar has accomplished is to remove the uncertainty from all business owners who are concerned about digital marketing. In contrast to their competitors, OnlineEmage creates services within the clients’ budget and adheres to it. OnlinEmage and Sagar Khandelwal were able to stand out in the sphere of digital marketing – thanks to such various projects.Twitter:

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